Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rolling Along

So far, so good. I've spun every day of the Tour de Fleece - not so hard to accomplish when it's 600 million degrees outside.

I have all of Jester's dark gray spun and plied.


I haven't checked yardage yet, but there is about 11 1/2 ounces here. I'm working on the medium gray today - about 7 ounces. Starting to dream about the fair isle pattern I'm going to work on the yoke of this sweater and hoping sure EZ talks somewhere about how to figure out how much you'll need of each color.

Weaslie is not even remotely interested.

How are your challenges coming along? It's not too late to join in the fun. You should check out the Ravelry link and see what everyone's up to. Some pretty, pretty yarn!


Alice said...

The twist of your yarn is so consistent, it looks beautiful plied as well. Inspiring pictures representing a lot of time, skill and determination. Good luck on the rest of the roving!

Nancy K. said...

Good ON ya!

CathyD. said...

Thought I should post an update on my challenge. I've spun some every day (except Sat. when the challenge was to get out the spindle & roving)and I can see why this might help. All I still get is lumps and skinny hard spots and if it wasn't for the challenge I might just quit again.
What am I going to do with all this wonky string?

thecrazysheeplady said...

At very worst, you can steam your BEAUTIFUL first spinning (tames the twist) and use it for gift wrap. It weaves wonderfully with a neat texture and also makes a nice decorative edging on hats and mittens. The thick and thin is a popular novelty yarn and you should treasure it. Once you get "good" you have to LEARN how to do that because you'll want that back. Have fun!

Jody said...

Gorgeous yarn and luv those natural colours!

Michelle said...

Well shoot! I thought it WAS too late to join in the fun once I returned from horse-camping. I looked at the Ravelry link and thought it said so. Maybe I need some help.

thecrazysheeplady said...

The main group might be closed - have to go look - but the Team My Favorite Sheep is still open. We're kind of doing our own thing anyway. And having a good time working on our challenges :-). Just follow the link in the post directly to our group and sign on.

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful work, Sara!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn! I admire everyone who has the talent to spin yarn and then create something out of it!

My challenge today will be to stay cool in the 100plus temps.

Can't wait to see your sweater you make.
Have a great and cool day.


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