Thursday, April 30, 2009

With Great Care

When I rescued Punkin from the stockyards all those years ago, one of the ladies I worked with told me I needed to take him to Dr. Cleveland in nearby Georgetown, Kentucky. "He grew up raising sheep. He knows all about sheep."

So I called Dr. Cleveland, told him what I'd done and he waited until I could get there after work. He gave Punkin some shots that he thought he'd need, told me what to feed him, took care of his tail, told me some good sheep stories and sent me on my way. That was not my last trip.

Due to his horrible start in life, Punkin was a sick little lamb. Each time I took him in, Dr. Cleveland would try something else and tell me he was going to be just fine. And he eventually was. And when I took him in for some booster shots several months later, Dr. Cleveland looked at him and said "Well, Punkin, I really didn't think I'd see you get this big."

What? I guess he figured a little positive thinking (on my behalf at least) wouldn't hurt.

Flash forward 17 or 18 years. Keebler is a pretty healthy, uncomplicated lamb - they're not always like that, eh Ewen McTeagle? I needed to pick up some Probios paste (a must have for any bottle baby) the other day and Keebler insisted on riding along. He'd been hanging out with Iris and Weaslie all morning and needed some mama time and a lap nap. Plus, I knew everyone would like to see him (everyone likes to see him ;-).

Our favorite vet tech, Lou Ann.

The "new" vet Dr. Barron. I've been saying for years that when Dr. Cleveland retires that I'm getting out of the sheep business. I no longer feel that way. We'll all be in good hands.

Doing a little shopping (don't read those labels, Keebs :-/).

Thanks Lou Ann for the pictures. And thanks to everyone over there for everything you all do for me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it all.


I need orange said...

It just makes all the difference, having a vet you like and trust, doesn't it.

I haven't said so yet, but Keebler must be one of the cutest lambs EVER. What a doll. Thank you for sharing him with us!

Nancy K. said...

He's getting so BIG! I'm sure that you've probably mentioned this but I've forgotten ~ What breed is Keebler? I love his fuzzy face!

thecrazysheeplady said...

His father is a Wensleydale/Cotswold cross and his mother is a Texel/Cotswold cross. Should be a big boy when he's grown up :-o. His fleece is gorgeous.

DayPhoto said...

I lost my vet, and the one I have now is...well I NEED ANOTHER VET. I think maybe I have found one, but I sure hope so.

Good for you, and good for your sheep!

I wonder what it will be like when a big sheep will still want some lap time? Chuckle


Alice said...

Keebs won't eat those Science Diet Treats because littlelambseativy!

Dianne said...

Well, I might have taken it to the extreme to get a good vet. I married one!


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