Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fried Egg Surprise

We've lived here for almost six years. We figured we knew our farm pretty well - what kind of rain it takes to flood the barn (none now :-), which way the wind tends to blow, where to find the hidden rocks, even the location of a patch of wild asparagus out back.

Look closely.

Where did this come from, tucked under a tree in our front yard? Daffodils (and the "fried eggs" are among my favorites) are bulbs, correct? Not a seed a bird would plant, right? Did someone plant this a long time ago and it's just been hibernating? Regardless, we are happy to see you pretty flower. Welcome.

Next question - does anyone have any thoughts on my lack-of-flowering quince? I'm sure this bush is very old. Maybe it's all bloomed out? Maybe it just needs a good pruning?

And a little lamb candy - Keebler loves the dog beds. They are his choice spot to sleep when it's too rainy to go outside. Here you can see his one gray/brown/black leg and the spot on his front knee as well.

He's had some fun today weeding the flower beds (in between rain showers) and playing on the jungle gyms, aka the raised beds. If you tell him to stay out of the asparagus bed, you better believe that's going to be the first place he's running to!


melanie said...

Flowering quince will vary greatly in their foliage and flowers depending on the warmth, but we took ours back by about 1/3 with good pruning, and they flowered very nicely the second year.

Alice said...

Keebler appears to have made himself right at home! He is really quite photogenic. just curious....do bottle lambs have to be fed through the night? Do they cry when they need to be fed?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I have a quince, mine hasn't blommed yet here in the NC Appalachians, we haven't had any Spring yet. If it doesn't bloom well, pruning may be a good idea.


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