Monday, April 20, 2009

Barber Shop

Keebler goes everywhere with me. He would stay with his momma in "real" life, so I figure he should stay with his adopted mom as well. We go out and play several times a day, take naps together (especially if it's raining and cold and there's a good movie on tv on a Sunday afternoon ;-), go out to graze and learn how to eat sticks and stuff (Weaslie's in charge of that part of the program) and we even do chores together.

Friday we gave Miss Ewenice her spring haircut. Keebler helped by finding stuff to do around the barn for awhile and then things got quiet and I knew he'd lain down for a nap. As I led Ewenice off the stand I looked around to see where he'd ended up.

Right by my side.

Pretty comfy bed, eh?

Not quite. Here's a funny fact about Keebler. He hates stuff touching him. He hates wet grass, hates when he accidentaly touches dandelions gone to seed, isn't jazzed about being toweled off if he gets rained on...

Silly little baby.


Nancy K. said...

I think Keebler just might be filling a void long left by someone named Punkin...? Good for you for opening your heart again.

I'm happy for you.

AND for Keebler!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

cute, you didn't see him at first among all the fluff. He's a sweet boy.

Alice said...

Those photos tug at my heartstrings! You are a wonderful adopted momma for Keebler. How sweet that you have each other.

DayPhoto said...

I enjoy those photos of Keebler. You have a way of bringing the whole essence of your animals to your blog that is perfect.



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