Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blankets And Pillows

Another cruddy weather day. We've been out playing a little in the soggy yard, but it's not just wet, it's cold! Ugh. This is a day better spent taking some naps.

Weaslie's not looking too happy about the new sleeping arrangements.

This was a nice nap, too, as I got to join in. There is nothing better than being a lamb pillow. (Taken with the camera phone...obviously :-/.)

Speaking of pillows, I'm almost too embarrassed to post this picture. Yeesh, Claire Bear. Hopefully it's just an unflattering camera angle.


Shelley said...

Hey there,

I just now got my computer internet running and I'm going thru your posts. I'm so sorry about Sunshine. I'm very thankful I got to meet her. Your photos are always so beautiful and touch my heart. I hope to be able to visit soon and see this new little baby! New life... amazing.

melanie said...

If you've got that weather today, it's due here for the weekend. Better get my projects done...I want to be able to nap like your crew if it's going to turn icky...

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I don't know what area of the country you are in. Here in the NC Appalachians, we've not seen much sign of Spring at all, just overcast, misty, and cold.

I went to your ETSY store, wow, you do all that? awesome

DayPhoto said...

In my next life I want to be an animal at your house! What a warm and wonderful place to live.



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