Saturday, November 15, 2008

Won't You Take Me To...Punk-ytown


Clair Bear


Why aren't they sleeping in the new cat condo? With the heated beds?


All the rooms are his.

Even Boo's if he chooses.

No other cats allowed. Even if it's raining, windy and cold.

Can you believe Saint Tim is actually going to build another cat condo this weekend?


Nancy K. said...

Silly Kitties!

Any chance you'd be willing to rent out your husband???

Dana and Daisy said...

he must be one territorial tom!

Daisy has a basket by the fireplace with THREE blankets in it!

Joy said...

At least Comby shares with Boo. When Maggie-cat takes over one of Toby's dog beds, he goes elsewhere ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the cat pictures, especially the perfectly round Clair Bear.


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