Thursday, November 27, 2008


We all have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes it's nice to sit and list the top 10 (or 100) things or what's most important... Sometimes I can't put my finger on exactly what these things are.

Now just because I may not be able to come up with a politically correct list, doesn't mean I'm not thankful. I was put on the spot the other day and kind of panicked. What was I going to say? I decided the best way to describe what I feel is to compare it to, say music. What exactly about music do I like? Why do I like it? I don't know. I do know though that, to use a musical term, whatever it is seems to resonate through me. Is part of me.

That's how I feel on a daily basis. The crisp walk to the barn in the morning, the sound of the sheep calling for breakfast, a soft muzzle against my cheek or the way those crazy chickens run around looking for bugs.

The quiet of the afternoon, knowing Saint Tim is on his way home, peeking in on Boo in his warm house before turning off the porch lights and telling all the critters to take care of each other. It all resonates.

And I kind of like that.

And we all eat pretty good around here. Because every day is Thanksgiving.

Everyone take care of each other.


Tammy said...

Amen! That sums it up so nicely--much better than the sometimes mechanical "I'm thankful for....." Thanks for sharing.

Lady Katherine said...

Love the jacob! You are making me so home sick and I am now home. But no sheep! I got to find more to buy after working out state for 5 years.


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