Monday, November 10, 2008


Today at Equinox Farm we are dealing with trying to find a water leak. Well, we've been trying to find it for over a week, but since it's supposed to start raining tomorrow, the pressure is really on.

We've narrowed it down to being between the meter and the house, but there are two or three water lines running through the front field, so really, we haven't narrowed in down much. We've checked with the previous owners and they have hopefully gotten us in the ballpark, but nothing definitive. What we really needed it turns out, is Stella's son Wyatt.

Using a basic wire coat hanger from our closet, he was able to divine or "witch" the water lines for us. He starts out with the two bent wires balanced in his hands facing away from him. He slowly walks across the field and when he gets over the top of a water line, the wires spin (on their own) to cross in front of him.

I tried it and yes, the wires do spin on their own. I was not able to divine with any accuracy though, so it is definitely a rare talent.

So, having a good idea where to start looking, Saint Tim and Water Witch Wyatt are going into the ditch digging business this afternoon. Thank goodness for good neighbors!

I have something important to be working on in the house, I'm pretty sure ;-).


Dana and Daisy said...

yes, I think I smell the pot roast burning! Better get back inside, before they ask you to go down inside that skinny ditch and see if you can see anything.

Sharrie said...

We have two six foot deep trenches by our barn where water lines are being put in. I cannot imagine looking for a leak. Good luck to all. I hide in the house whenever something big is moved. I understand your feeling.

Joy said...

It looks like a fantastic time to be anywhere else ;)

DayPhoto said...

My husband is a (retired) lineman for powerlines. He learned to 'witch' for electricy, although he said he wasn't that good at it.



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