Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turns Out...

The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.

That's Miss Henri peaking in on the bottom of the picture and the boys out back. Yes, one has on a rain coat.

After two drought years in a row, our pastures are not in top condition heading into winter. We haven't even had enough rain to think about planting a winter cover crop. At least this year we were able to bring in enough hay (we hope, although the pessimist in me is thinking I should stuff as much more into the loft as I can).

To ease the load on the existing fields, I spent much of the day building a portable electric fenced paddock back in the pond field. Whereas last year I just let the hoodlums run free back there, I promised our pine trees (that got stripped as high as the sheep could reach) that I would not let that happen again.

I find I enjoy playing with electricity. I like configuring gates and corners. I was a bit worried about teaching sheep with big woolly coats to respect the electric, but set them up with some strategically placed grain where their noses would most likely end up eventually touching something hot (sorry sheeps :-/) and everybody seems to be getting along just fine.

I do worry though when I see a group of thugs - I mean Jacobs - standing around one nerdy Cotswold. And what about the Adventure Chicken up on the fence? It's definitely the funny farm around here some days.


DayPhoto said...

YOu have a beautiful farm! And yes, it is a hard thing to teach animals to stay in the ELECTRIC fence. Wet noses work well, so does backing into the fence with shorts on. (I found out the hardway).

I love your blog and dropping by, would you be up to letting me link your blog to my blog?


Sharrie said...

The fences are wonderful. It would be so great to have all those with sheep inside. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You are a very clever shepherdess, setting up the sheep that way! I will have to remember that trick, as my sheep worship grain....

flowerweaver said...

Gee, I recognize that hen from last Thanksgiving. My paw still hurts from having to write "I will not eat the white chicken" one hundred times.--Starley


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