Sunday, February 4, 2024

Will THIS Be The Last Christmas Post?


 As I slogged through yet another month of 2023, I was having trouble getting excited about the upcoming Christmas season and even toyed with just skipping it.  I knew that in the end I would have been really disappointed not seeing all my holiday lights and old friends including my 25 year old Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I set myself up with a Solstice Advent challenge and I made a special effort to find the space to enjoy even tiny bits of joy every day and by the end of the season I'd had one of the nicest winter holiday seasons ever.  As an extra special treat I made a new friend and received a beautiful card with three two and a half of my favorite sheep.  Murphy....

Okay, when I mentioned the Advent challenge, I realized that I never shared the final picture of my daily prizes.  To avoid yet another Christmas post, I'll do that now.

I'd collected a bunch of these vintage lead sheep figurines ahead of time and Auntie Reg wrapped them all up and tucked them into my calendar.  Every day I got to unwrap and place another sheep or two in the window.  I grouped ewes, lambs playing, lambs with their mommas, rams watching over, rams thinking about fighting...  It was grand fun :-).

One day I got surprised by this cutie and there were a couple other fun sheep mixed in as well.  It was a fun way to end each day and to make each day a little special...the way every day should be.  

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Shirley said...

That's a lovely card! and the little smiling sheep certainly brings a smile. :0)


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