Tuesday, February 27, 2024

What To Do With A Lot Of Rain

I have always reserved my kayak for trips off the farm (meaning I very seldom use it :-/), but when the pond is full and it looks so pretty I always think I should move my boat back there and enjoy yesterday I did :-).  I figured Bea would be up for a paddle and she was.  

She hopped right in and took her point and the first time she slipped on the slick side I caught her.  The second time I was trying to measure how deep the pond was and I didn't :-o.  She splooshed in and under and back up and dog paddled right to me and I picked her up and put her back in the boat.  It didn't seem to bother her, surprisingly, because she HATES baths.  Poor Bea.  Some grip strips are on the way!

Archie followed us out there and was very curious about what we were doing, but was very scared of the boat and it took a good while before he'd even touch it.  I don't see much paddling in Archie's future.

While we don't have the pretty sun from yesterday, we do have some more rain predicted and I'm not going to complain.  I might even go explore the Frog Pond next time.  In the meantime, here's a new puzzle :-).


Anonymous said...

Oh, if I had a pond, I'd definitely use the kayak more! Or even a canoe? So nice and peaceful. I think, however, if Archie is involved, it may not be peaceful...😁 K.Littrell😊

Linda said...

Oh! My Sparkie girl would go anywhere with me; on the kayak, the waverunner, in the boat, behind the boat in the towable, on my raft. Miss my girl.

ineedorange said...

My first corgi girl drew a firm line between "natural water" and "unnatural water". No baths, no hoses. NO, no NO.

Puddles? Rivers? Lakes? Yes, yes, yes!!! :-) Her favorite thing in the world was retrieving from water. :-) It won't surprise you to hear that it is, indeed, possible to retrieve, swim, and bark, all at once! :-) lol

Michelle said...

That's definitely making lemonade out of lemons!

Terry and Linda said...

OH! I thought maybe Archie went for a paddle with the both of you! :)

Shirley said...

Oh what fun to paddle in your own pond!


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