Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Fiberuary Day 6. Now And Then

There's a good story over on Instagram this morning and I'm just going to share the post here rather than retype it all.  Apparently I never shared the video of Pinto trying to take over the flock from Rocky and Jared so I'm going to spend a few minutes trying to find it and add it in here.  

I am so disappointed that I've left so many things off the blog :-/.  I love that there is still a solid online diary over there, but there's no way to jump to certain months or years or search for keywords like you can over here and that's...sad.   

Wish me luck!  And while you're waiting, here's today's story.

Okay, it took a bit, but I found it...and then had to watch it.  It's super slow at the beginning (maybe you can skip ahead somehow), but once Pinto finally goes in with the rest of the sheep it gets hilarious watching Jared school him on "life".  

It's sure fun to go back in time for a visit :-).

1 comment:

Vivienne said...

That was so much fun watching Big J set Pinto straight. And has it really been that long since Pinto joined the flock???


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