Sunday, January 31, 2021

Romeo Or Knight In Shining Armor?

We've had some pretty snows this winter.  Some accompanied by grey wet skies and a couple (so far :-) with the brightest blues.  It can be way down in the single digits, but if there's no wind and the sun is shining, there is no place better than hanging out in the barn lot with the sheep.

The other morning I noticed Big Moose was the only sheep with snow covering his back.  That seemed a little odd, but as he frequently sleeps near the back of the barn or just outside keeping watch with Maisie some nights, I didn't really think anything about it.

And then I noticed one other sheep with snow on her back.  The only other sheep with snow on her back.  Ah ha, I thought I knew what was going on.

Kaala is one of the popular girls.  One that frequently attracts attention from a few of the boys.  Well, mostly just two boys these days, Jared and Big Moose.  There used to be other boys, but Jared has schooled on them pretty strongly about who the "wimmens" belong to...and it being Not Them.  

Big Moose is not a slow learner.  Quite the contrary and he's very well versed in the 'duck and run' any time Jared turns his attention to him.  However, if there is anything Big Moose aspires to, it's to be Big J when he grows up.  He idolizes Jared.

How Big Moose and Kaala ended up outside together, apparently unsupervised, all night...   Well, she's another sheep who frequently sleeps outside.  The weather was really pretty nasty.  Maybe Big J decided to stay cozy indoors and finally let the kid have a chance. wasn't just snowing that night.  It was also really cold and windy.  Why would anyone want to stay out in that when they could stay indoors?  Was something wrong with Kaala?  No, she looks fine (and that is yet another boyfriend, Baaxter, with her above ;-).  Then I remembered the girl fight from the night before.

I missed videoing the bigger fighting earlier.  This was the wind down.  Girl fights...  I am now wondering if Kaala had decided to remove herself from that crazy, hormone powered fist horn fight and Big Moose stayed out with her all night to protect and keep her company, much like he stays out with Maisie some nights.  

The next morning...note Tessa only has eyes for Big J, but Big Moose and Baaxter are still hopeful ;-).  

Always remember, boys...

Rule Number One - all the 'wimmens' belong to Jared.  

Rule Number Two...refer back to Rule Number One ;-).


I need orange said...

Interesting the way those female hormones speak to boys who haven't the opposing hormones to motivate them. Especially those who never did.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Aww he was trying to be a Knight in Shining Armor! :)

Shirley said...

Ah spring when a young man's fancy turns to- wimmens!

Terry and Linda said...

Spring must be COMING!!! :)


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