Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Spin On Roc Day

***Updated updated post ***

Last night's Zoom spinning was really fun so I'm actually looking forward to tonight's "meeting".  The ID and passcode are listed below.  It's the same as last night.  I've signed up for the paid subscription so we shouldn't get cut off.  See you in a bit :-).

***Updated post ***

Okay, just to make a confusing post from last night (see below) even more confusing-er this morning...  

Not only did I have my days of the week messed up yesterday, I also had my dates confused.  I thought Roc Day was the day after the 12th day of Christmas...and it's the second day after?  Or is that just a this year thing? I don't know.  

I do know I was on Instagram yesterday talking about having a Zoom spinning party "tomorrow night" and I should have been saying "Thursday night", so I feel like I should honor the "tomorrow night", which is now "tonight" for those of you trying to keep score at home. 

It's sure not critical and if we have to celebrate a spinning holiday two days in a row, well, we'll just have to suck it up and do it and have twice as much fun :-).

The meeting ID for 7:00 Wednesday night is:  (857 499 7099) and Passcode for Wednesday night is:  (6BZwW9)  

We will probably get cut off at 7:40 since I haven't set it up for the paid account yet.  If that happens, I'll set up a second meeting at 8:00 if anyone is interested.  If we don't get cut off, then we'll continue on until 8:30 or so.  If you can't get in tonight, we'll do it all again tomorrow :-).

I'm headed to the barn to do chores and won't be back until just before 7:00.  I think I have everything set correctly, but if not, just bear with me and I'll get it figured out!  Also, remember I am dealing with rural internet so if it gets bogged down or jagged-y, I apologize. 

In the meantime, if you'd like a short tour of the Wool House, follow the Instagram link above.  Also, the window is clean.  It has moisture inside the panes.  Adds to list...

* * * Original post * * *

Thursday is Saint Distaff's Day, also known as Roc Day.  Normally spinners all over would be gathering to spin together, but obviously that won't be happening this year.  Or could it?

I'm going to host a Zoom spinning "meeting" in the Wool House Thursday evening at 7:00 (eastern time).  I've never done anything like this before, so please bear with me as I muddle through.  I think it might be nice to visit with some fiber friends and see what everyone has planned for the new year!

I'm going to leave the meeting open so no one will need a special invitation to join in.  You will need the meeting link and code and I'll post that here around 6:30.  I think that will work.  I may do a test meeting tomorrow just to make sure.

The meeting ID for Thursday night is:  (857 499 7099) and Pass code for Thursday night is:  (6BZwW9)

I'm going to be spinning my old friend Ford.  I've already got the bag of roving out (kindly gifted from a friend) because I am super prepared and organized...and could have sworn today was already Wednesday ;-).  

Everyone is welcome!  Wear your finest woolens...or your pajamas :-D. 

Ford - Fall 2015


sophy0075 said...

I’m looking forward to it! Manuka (my Traveller) has her bobbins ready and waiting.

Far Side of Fifty said...

If I knew how to spin I would join you! I need to practice...not sure I can do it! But I have a can do attitude! Have fun! Hope you do Zoom again!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Far Side - how about we set up a private zoom so I can help you get started? :-D

sophy0075 said...

That’s ok. I knew what you meant, and posted it on my great new wall calendar. You know, the one with the fabulous photos of sheep, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and butterflies who live on a Kentucky farm that grows more four leaf clover than the rest of the planet. But I’m looking forward to the Roc Day Eve celebration tonight!

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