Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Lead Vocals

I was trying to get a cute picture of Cheeto's green nose from where she'd eaten some alfalfa leaf dust this morning, but what I got looks more like her and Salt's new album cover, which is kind of extra funny because of something else that happened this morning.

Remember when I posted the video of Big Moose going "Mmm mmm mmmm" when he was eating grain back when he was still a lamb?  Cheeto frequently makes that noise, too, when she's eating and I've heard B. Willard do the same on occasion lately.  I'm wondering if Cheeto taught them all to do that.

Other than "Mmmm mmm mmm", I seldom hear anything from Cheeto.  Oh, she communicates well enough (see above disappointment ears and eyes that she didn't get as much alfalfa as she wanted this morning all the time ;-), but she doesn't use her outside voice very often.  She did this morning.

Cheeto and Willard come out and eat in the aisle way along with Petunia and Clover Belly from the main flock.  Petunia and Clover Belly then go back in with the main group and Cheeto and Willard go back to Easy Breezy where they then split a flake of hay.  The rest of the flock is expected to trudge out to the fields each morning (up hill both ways) whenever there's not inclement weather.

Due to the deluge of rain all day yesterday, the main flock got hay both morning and night.  They were hopeful they'd get breakfast in bed again this morning and when they didn't, a couple of them started complaining.  Cheeto answered back...which I thought was odd, especially as it sounded like she was talking to Biscuit.  

Biscuit?  Surely that's not right...  



Then I heard Biscuit, but alongside another really deep voice...and I remembered that was Big Moose!  So even though he's been weaned for almost two years (?), she still hears him even though his voice is completely different than when he was her little baby.  I think that's interesting on a couple of levels.



Michelle said...

Mama knows.

Far Side of Fifty said...

:) love your flock:)

Terry and Linda said...

I love visiting and learning about your flock!

Kristin said...

The cutest noise! It's interesting about her still recognizing his voice even though it's changed.


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