Friday, May 19, 2017

Fleece Fun

Anyone who's been around lambs and ewes in the springtime knows that frantic "I CAN'T FIND MY MOM!!!" cry.  It's nothing serious usually.  Kids get playing, moms go hide to smoke cigarettes and drink gin, kids can't IMMEDIATELY find them and the frantic crying starts.  

That's what's going on in my kitchen right now.  Except I'm just trying to use the computer...and only thinking about taking up drinking at 7:00 in the morning :-o.  So really quickly...

Someone emailed me about wanting Baaxter's fleece.  I have 1,168 emails built up in my inbox right now.  I did not know that was even possible (as she really starts thinking about maybe some Baileys for her coffee :-o).  I can't find that email.  Hopefully you'll see this and re-email.  I am so sorry!

Here are some quick shots (I'M RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, BISCUIT!) of just a few of the fleeces we'll have at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend.  The forecast is looking "stellar" as usual :-/.  Sigh...  Pretty much everything is under cover though, so come on out!


Daniel on the left and Tavia on the right.  Daniel is reserved and I'm keeping Tavia, but I thought the difference in fleece size was fun.



Woody - half is reserved

And don't forget all the cute fleece tags!  Remember why Burrnie is now Blindfold Burrnie? You'll be in on the joke if/when Bill pulls that this weekend ;-).  He'll be there shearing both days.  Please stop by the shearing area and give him a shout out and say thanks for taking such good care of our sheep.   


Sheepmom said...

Lovely fleeces! The variety of color and type means there's something for everyone! Have a great show! (And don't forget your hip flask).

Alice said...

your fleece look abundantly luscious!!! Hope there's a wonderful turnout!
If you do an email search with the word Baxter, you may find the missing customer. It works for me sometimes.
Hopefully the list will be found!

Anonymous said...

Yup, a little whisky in your tea and a very good morning to you! Hey, how about a bit of brandy in Biscuits breakfast??? good sales to you, Susan

MarmePurl said...

Happy Festival Weekend!
{don't tell anyone, but lately I have tipped the bottle of Bailey's into my second cup of coffee...on the mornings when I indulge in a second cup....just for flavor of course}

sophy0075 said...

I like Kahlua in my coffee. Our ancestors drank ale for breakfast (and dinner. And supper.) They knew boiling water made it potable- but they preferred ale. Maybe because they had crying lambs?

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I enjoyed my visit here this morning and had myself a little laugh. What a wonder, all the different fleeces - I just want to sink my fingers into it.
Enjoy your day,

LannieK said...

Amazing fleeces! I love Andy and...


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