Thursday, May 25, 2017

Festival Wrap Up

Honestly, the festival was a bit of a blur.  The weather leading up to it was mid summer hot and humid.  The weather the first day was mid summer hot and humid.  You know, being the "delicate flower" that I am, how well that all went.  Whining.  So Much Whining.  I'd like to add one of my irritating winking faces...but I can't.  

The weather wasn't quite as bad as the earlier in the week forecast, which was 87 and 88.  That's hot, especially under a tent.  I decided to not bring the normal "huggable" sheep for the Hug a Sheep feature.  Not that they are that old, but they are big, heavy sheep and heat is hard on them. And me. (Please.  Stop with the whining.  Seriously.)

That left the young sheep.  They were bottle lambs.  That should make them even more huggable, right?  Yeah...only if you are me :-/.  Still, most of them were at least somewhat collar trained, so we could "force" them to be friendly to other people ;-).  Among the group, I knew Liddy would be the weakest link.  Heck, Liddy is too persnickety to talk to me some days.  

Guess who laid down in the front of the booth all weekend and let every kid, young and old, pat her, pet her, poke her, feel her ears, squeal (very loudly) with delight...  Liddy.  And when I realized what was going on, I wasn't at all surprised.  There are at least two more really amazing Liddy stories I have to share but just haven't had the energy/brain power to put the post together. We are among something special here and I am not exaggerating.  

I will get them put down "on paper" as soon as I can.  My idea was to write up several short stories about the sheep on our farm (sort of a precursor to a book) while I was raising Biscuit.  Sort of like knitting the Purbeck Shawl with Liddy when she was a baby.  It hasn't happened.  Yet.  I think I might be getting too old to raise these bottle lambs.  It's not for the faint of heart, for sure.

So back to the festival.  As always, once it got going, I was glad I was there.  I made several new friends and put some faces and names together for some folks I felt were already old friends. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourselves!  

Somehow I didn't take a single picture of the booth.  At the show where I completely changed up the set up to try and make it a little less labor intensive to set up and tear down (!).  It worked well.  Hope I can remember how we did it (!).  Don't ask me what I was thinking by not taking pictures (!).  Not thinking.  

Much of the wool is gone, but there are at least three fleeces left that I just can't believe are still here.  I'll post them to the Farm Shop as soon as possible.  I probably have some other things to update with the shop as well.  I need to get on that and start being a little more "professional".  

Lots of things to do.  But Biscuit comes first.  And maybe a nap :-o.


Alice said...

Yes... Biscuit and napping. Those would be my two priorities!!! The rest of the world can wait!!

Linda said...

Maybe one of your readers who visited the booth took a photo? I need to put the Kentucky Festival on my calendar so it doesn't sneak up on me next year.

sophy0075 said...

A new story about Liddy. I am intrigued. Rest up, and then do tell, please.

After two days of deluge, our weather today was splendid- 80s, but no humidity. A gift, before our endless summer swelters in (probably tomorrow- I really should have knit outside today).

Anonymous said...

I know why you didn't take any photos, you were going 90 miles an hour the whole time.
Debbie B.

Benita Story said...

Don't beat yourself up. As hot as it was on Saturday, all our brains were melted piles of goo by the end of the day. And Sunday's rain kept people on their toes. And you know, I just realized that I didn't get to meet Biscuit even though I was at your booth on Sunday. Sandy said he was adorable, so I have to go by that. :)

Sheepmom said...

I think your lone picture sums up the point of the festival very nicely - People meeting the charming creatures who make wool. I'd have loved to have seen your slimmed down booth layout but I'll remember this picture longer than I would one of shelves and boxes. ;-)

LannieK said...

That photo you did snap... Priceless! I agree with sheepmom, sums it all up! Now, kick up those heals and relax! You, too, Biscuit :-)

Anonymous said...

Rest up!
love liddy :)


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well Liddy was personable for a sheep...maybe she thought you were going to sell her:)

Lisa W said...

Oh, my sweet Liddy! Not surprised at all :-)


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