Friday, January 2, 2015

A Different Perspective

I've finally succumbed to the dreaded crud going around so decided to just post a few more photos from feeding the other morning and go fix myself another cup of tea.  As I was scrolling through the pictures though, my first thought was how sadly monochrome everything looked. 

Well, that's winter for you I guess, but Hank always brightens things up, right? 

I walked down to talk to him about his plans for the day...

...and when I turned around, look, there was blue sky there all along!  And Kate, always waiting patiently :-).

PPPP (the lamb from the bookmark :-)

Beanie  Baby

Renny and Lila, the big girls!

And Hank, who frequently turns around to get a better perspective.

*     *     *     *     *

So, my "exciting news" the other day was just that 2015 is going to be the Year of the Sheep (or goat or ram).  I thought that was exciting enough, but as I read through all your guesses, I realized I was under-thinking things (that's unusual coming from the queen of over-thinking!) and needed a different perspective.

There are some great ideas on that list!  Some just wishes and dreams, but others could really happen. Of course, the "inheritance from a distant, but rich relative" would help many of them :-D.

  • No babies for Maisie!  Or me!  We are just fat, not pregnant, and neither of us would be good mothers I'm pretty sure :-o.
  • Hank would probably like a mini-me, but that's not in the plan for another year or so at least.
  • I am looking forward to learning new stuff with Kate :-).
  • More fiber stuff - definitely!
  • More giveaways - can do!
  • Overseas trip - would love to, but...
  • More land - I'd love to buy the opposite back hillside and re-incorporate it back into the original farm, but I'm not aware of any distant, but rich relatives...
  • Free vehicle - I like your thinking!
  • More help (a farm club) - again, I like your thinking, but I'm not sure I need one more thing to figure out, although...when I look at what Meridian Jacobs does, it really looks like fun!
  • Knitting overlooking the Green Mountains?  Sigh :-)
  • Nope, no interest in sheep trials, but there's a lot of neat work Kate can help with right here on the farm :-).
  • Sadly, Handy is irreplaceable :-(
  • A book?  I think I might like to try that...but having trouble "picking up that first rock".
  • Photography projects - of course!  Something for charity - absolutely!  Any good ideas?
  • Feature in a fabulous knitting/fiber arts magazine - I think that should be a good goal or at least get some more photos published.  That's quite a rush to see your photo on a magazine cover!
  • More energy this year - would LOVE that :-D.
  • A new tractor/vehicle for the farm - we are actually working on that one!  Again, the distant, but rich relative would sure come in handy...
  • A llama - no.  I'm scared of llamas for some reason (?) and I think Hank would not be thrilled about that either even though they can be good guardians.
  • More teaching - yep, some plans already in the works :-).
  • Riding lessons - definitely looking forward to more of those!

I think I hit most of the highlights from your list.  Definitely food for thought there and you have no idea how much I appreciate all the encouragement!  Thank you!!!  Here are a few other things I'm thinking about...

  • Maybe start trying to sell some photographs?  
  • More painting throughout the year, not just at Christmas!
  • I have an awesome work spot right here on the farm.  Why am I not out there taking advantage of that more???  There definitely needs to be more fiber work going on!
  • I love the mug shots and think they would really work well on actual coffee mugs, but I am having trouble finding someone that will print multiple images all the way around the mug.  I might be over-thinking that one.
  • More Lamb Camp photos (that's way better than "lose weight and eat healthy", eh? :-D). Maybe a coffee table book is a good place to start?
  • I've got notes running on a Hank story if anyone wants to repeatedly kick me in the posterior to actually get it started!
  • Is there any interest in some small on-farm workshops - photography, fleece processing, spinning...?
  • What else?

Okay, I'd better get busy or none of this is going to happen!  Without further ado, if you've made it down to the bottom of this looong post (remember how I said I just wanted to do a quick one? ;-), picked Lisa Smith.  Lisa, would you like the first box of the 2014 Christmas cards?


Jean said...

So sorry you got the crud! Lots of great ideas though! Feel better soon

Jenny Glen said...

I wish I was close enough for a on farm photography workshop!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

LOVE the bangs on the sheep in the 2nd photo!!
Any reason that you have not cut his/her bangs?? Assuming they don't affect his/her sight?
Wishing you were a B & B !!! We WOULD come to visit and help out clean your barn!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

You have a great eye! You just need to read your manual and take more pictures :-D.

thecrazysheeplady said...

We actually keep eye holes cut on each side so he can see out. Woolliam knows he has cool hair :-). Keebler's got out of control and we had to cut a bunch of it off so he could see and he was crabby about it "Don't touch my hair!" and it took two of us to get the job done ;-).

small farm girl said...

Would LOVE the workshops! But first, concentrate on getting well.

LL Farm said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you feel better soon, the crud has it's ups and downs as far as I can tell. One day better then you do to much and backslide:( I am deeply saddened that there will be no sheep trials...but I am looking forward to hearing more about Kate! I do have a few questions about her. Did you keep her on lead or with you for the most part when you first got her? She must have bonded to you quite fast...I have decided BC's are one person dogs even though another person will do in a pinch if they have a ball or a frisbee or keys to the car in their hand.
Heck I would just like to come sit on your porch some you have a workshop for that! :)

Michelle said...

Feel better soon! My small town I rampant with the flu right now!

Elaine Lim said...

There is a place in Louisville that puts pictures on cups, prints t-shirts and lots of interesting stuff.

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I would LOVE a photo workshop-my daughter gifted her "old" camera with a spiffy new lens on it to me this Christmas. YIKES! I see a very steep learning curve. Say-maybe you could do a series of blog posts on how to take good pictures, (or how to even turn the camera on) and then everyone could share their pictures they took!!!

LannieK said...

Hope you will better soon! My, lots of things in the works. 2015 is going to be a busy year ~ just have fun, too! Small on-farm workshops sound good! Spinning, knitting, feeding sheep, brushing horses. :-)

sophy0075 said...

My sympathies for your illness. I was mugged by the flu AND the crud at the same time right before Christmas. Except for doctor visits, your wonderful photos are the only "going out" I've done.

A fleece retreat would be fun. I've scoured fleece before, but have so much to learn and would enjoy the camaraderie and opportunity to feed cookies to the fleece-growers.

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Ye Gods, no wonder you're down and out.......all those brilliant suggestions flattened you!! Get better. Soon as it stops snowing you'll be getting a wee package from me.......all I could find :(

PJS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PJS said...

I live in Washington State so attending a Workshop would require a distant rich relative of my own. I'd love to see some Lamb Camp coffee mugs though.

Lisa Smith said...

I just finished reading "down to the bottom" of this very informative post & saw my name! My goodness, what a nice surprise! And yes, I would just love to receive the first box of 2014 Christmas cards ~ what an honor! I do not receive each day's post in my in-box until approximately 4:00 a.m. of the following day, so that is why I'm so delayed in my reply. Thank you so very much, Sara. (I don't know if you still have my address from my calendar order? I can email you with it, if not.)

I'm sorry to hear of your succumbing to the dreaded "creeping crud" that is creeping around. I imagine it must be difficult to really truly =r=e=s=t= with so many mouths to feed and 'sheeps' to care for. I wish I could come and help!

Thank you so much for "randomly picking me" ~ it's a delightful surprise that has made my day! Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon

Shirley said...

What a bunch of great ideas- I vote for all of them!

Tyche's Minder said...

Workshops YES! Fleece and spinning workshops.

Miha Giustina said...

I actually like very much these monochrome winter colors. Very peaceful.

p.s. I was just kidding when I said Maisie should have babies:-))! Love Maisie -- the propeller girl:-))

Miha Giustina said...

And yes to selling some pictures. I would buy a few to put on my walls.


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