Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hank Love

I hope I got these right and if I got something mixed up or missed something or someone, please forgive me and let me know!!! I wasn't thinking about how this would work and almost all the photos came back with the same file name and date and when I downloaded them... :-o.   

I've tried to add these in the order they came in to try to make sure I got the right photos with the right people. The photos will be first and the credits and any comments will be just below.  I love all the different takes on the picture and the thought that went into them. 


 My take on the Hank photo.  Devotion isn't always reciprocal, such as with some of Hank's sheep, but that's what makes it so admirable.

Katherine Littrell

Here's my submittal...

If it was taken in a RAW format it would be clearer :) when you crop close up :)

I concentrated on his eyes, and paws - after all, thats his tools of the trade :)

Using the law of thirds like you know, I tried to capture that "look" of his... you know, the one that says "seriously???" he always looks like he wants to relax, but those darn sheep keep causing trouble LOL

Fiona - New Castle, Virginia 

Your photo is so nice but I changed the crop a bit and added the soft border.  Not an improvement but just a bit different.  Hank really is a lovely dog.  Soulful eyes!

As I see it, the "rule" of thirds is a suggestion, not a rule.  :-) 

I agree, can't cut off his ear, or his tail fluff......................

I took off a bit more at the right, and on top, and took out a few black specks on his whiteness (and the one hunk of gravel at left).  I always try to remove things I find distracting from my pics.  "What is it that I *want* them to look at?" and then I remove things that catch my eye as possible distractions....

A good boy, watchfully on duty, as always..........


  -- Vicki


J. Kemp

Michelle - Boulderneigh

Shirley - Ride a Good Horse

I did a little tighter crop, dropped the brightness, upped the contrast a little and played with shadows and highlights and sharpened just a little. I wanted toy bring out the texture of his fur but keep the catchlight in those beautiful eyes- not sure if I think this is any good, but it was fun trying.

After liking how some of Robin's black and white sheep turned out, I thought I'd see how Hank looked, so here's one more edit.  It does really show off his eyes but I'm not sure I like losing the "warm" feel of the colors.  Fun though :-)

*   *   *   *   *

I thought this was very fun, interesting and educational and I'd love to do it again sometime.  Anyone interested?  Next time I'll provide a higher resolution file (slaps palm to forehead) and figure out a better way to have the files named. 

In the meantime, I had a few Farm Calendars left and thought I'd send them out as "prizes" to the couple people I thought might send in pictures.  Since the participants way exceeded the number of leftover calendars (How fun is that! :-) and I wasn't entirely sure I caught everyone anyway (please, please let me know!), I decided to do a donation, in Hank's honor, to the National Great Pyrenees Rescue.  Does that work for everyone?


Lori Skoog said...

Nice response Sara. I did not understand what you were saying about the calendars...I forgot to order one.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I was trying to say I was going to send them out to everyone but ended up with more photo submissions than I thought I'd get and didn't want to say, "okay, you three people can have one and no one else..." As usual, you have to read between the lines of my garbled speech ;-).

Michelle said...

LOVE the prize! Win-win!

Kanisha said...

Great idea and i would have voted for Vicki's hers was similar to mine I liked leaving more of Hank in the picture.

Fiona said...

Super Idea for using the calendars! Thanks for trusting us with one of your photos! And tell Hank he is wonderful!

I need orange said...

A donation to Pyr rescue sounds perfect to me. :-)

Tyche's Minder said...

I enjoyed both the exercise (though, in the end, I thought the crop with both the eye and the tail was the right one anyway) and the prize. I love cropping. Weird, I know.

Willow said...

This was a lot of fun !

Willow said...

I had to come back and make another comment as I just read your post Treasures ( it is coming up at the bottom of this post) , about your horse Handy . What a great story . Handy does sound like a he was ( still is ?) a treasure indeed.
I am currently training a four year old Gypsy Drum to drive over at a friends farm . Currently working her 4 days a week . I love driving and training , but most of all I love working with the horses period .

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

You always come up with the BEST ideas! good job!

Shirley said...

This was fun, kind of like an interactive post! Good idea for the prize.

Patrice said...

Hank makes a wonderful model!:)

Leslie Lim said...

I'm so happy that I found your blog. You had a really wonderful site. Thank you for sharing this steps and information to us. It is really a big help.



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