Friday, March 28, 2014

Speaking Of Pictures

When we went out to pick up Burrnie, I took a bunch of pictures of Nistock's pretty sheep.  We got home, settled Burrnie in, the Iknitarod started, then the Maisie incident...and then I almost forgot I had them sitting there in a file, waiting to be shared. 

"How could you forget about us???"

Robin picking out an extra yummy morsel of hay from the top of the hay feeder.  I love the expression on this sheep's face.

And this one :-).

So much pretty wool in so many colors.

Burrnie, looking hopeful for a cookie and having no idea what was in store for him the next morning ;-). 

"I love my mom."

One of the old gals.

"Why yes, I do think I'll try a cookie."

This might be my favorite shot of the year so far.

Good shepherds, under watchful and oddly patient eyes.  Or maybe it's just our sheep that are hoodlums...but wait, many of our sheep came from this orderly farm.  Could it possibly be us???  ;-)

Cat sniffing.  It's everywhere.

Woolliam's brother - doesn't he look like a tough guy!  "Yeah, you tell that pansy to go get a real job and a real haircut and stop sleeping in the hay manger like a baby." 

And Burrnie, safely on his way out to the car for the trip to Kentucky.

While I love taking my camera with me almost everywhere I go, these were mostly practice pictures to gear up for Lamb Camp this spring.  Now with Maisie keeping me on near suicide watch - or Saint Tim watching me watching Maisie I guess is a better way to put it ;-) - I am not making any big trips away from the farm.  Maybe ever again, but I'm trying not to let myself think that way. 

I know Kathy will have some adorable lambs soon and The Training Center already has lambs (that I haven't even been over to see yet :-o).  Good Shepherd Cheese is always a treat, too, as is Flat Creek Wool and Pottery and Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade, but I'd like to pick up another local-ish farm or two.  

If anyone in or around the central Kentucky area would be interested in hosting a Lamb Camp shoot, let me know (thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com).  There's no charge as long as I can use the photos, with credits of course, for Lamb Camp calendars...  You just have to be fun (or at least pleasant and kind) and take good care of your sheep.  I promise to do the same :-).


  1. Love the sheep and cat one...the sheep looks so content and happy. I am hoping that Burnnie is settling in ok now. Poor little guy

  2. These photo's make me feel so privileged that your letting people work on your images [Hank] They are wonderful...could your lamb camp calendar become a Cheeky Sheep calendar with some of these images! The one of Burrnie is priceless! He looks so hopeful!

  3. You can't go wrong with a cat-sheep combination. That is such a sweet photo. :)

  4. What? No trips to NW Oregon for Lamp Camp? Benny and Jet would LOVE to be calendar boys!

  5. These are some mighty beautiful sheep! Robin is a super-sheepie-mom.

    The two babies in the first picture look like they are a mirror image of each other:-). Very huggable.💗💗

  6. Picture n. 9 (the sheepie & cat in love) is something truly special.


  7. oh oh oh, I want Veronica Lake in the first the picture.

  8. I'm glad you remembered these shots! They are terrific. If you won't travel as you are still worried about Maisie, you will have to bring her along when you visit the next time. OK?????

  9. Fabulous shots !!! Oh my the cat and the lamb ~ melts my heart ...such terrific shots !!!

  10. Sorry I forgot about Maisie eating that twine...


  11. I really think you must train your sheep to pose for pictures:)

  12. "vogue" for sheep...

    Love these!!

    you know, today i was just cursing out a sheep rancher...because he was the one who put up the drywall in this house and the corners are off (im putting up baseboards finally in the guest bedroom) But I suppose he would blame it on the framer...who was a cattle rancher...


  13. What breed of sheep does Nistock have? Such different faces and fleeces :) Cat and sheep love, had to be a Calico!

  14. OK, just looked Nistock's 'stock' and those Cot's look so different, maybe it's the 'dreads' that your's sport :)

  15. WONDERFUL photos, as always! Of course, I love the ones with cats and sheep together ~ the perfect combination. So sweet!

  16. I did not grow up around sheep in my geographical area of Georgia, so I'm not at all knowledgeable about breeds. All I can say is that I had NO idea that sheep could be so beautiful!! I am a fairly new follower, and I am so enjoying your blog (and your photos!)
    Thank you for sharing your farm with your readers.


I love to read your comments! Thank you for sharing :-).


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