Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow Melt

A late winter/early spring postcard from the farm.

Hank is missing from the video because he was out "making his rounds".  He was waiting patiently to be let back in with his sheeps when I got back to the barn.

My intrepid sled dogs ;-).


Willow said...

My dogs were very excited to hear those bells on your sheep in the video :)

Alice said...

Lovely pastoral scene complete with sound effects. Doesn't look like anyone was a failure to thrive this winter. ;-)

Henny Penny said...

For some unknown reason I could not play the video. I love your farm!

Michelle said...

Today was glorious in the great state of Kentucky, was it not?!

Michaele said...

I love your barn!!

Miha Giustina said...

Maisie looks like a big cloud of wool:-). And is that Burrnie, in the upper paddock, pedaling high-speed with the other sheep?! Funny:-D


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