Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day Five - Quick Update

Still a little snow here, but it's melting fast. I know everyone else is happy about that, but I love snow.  I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

The sun was plenty warm so I sat outside to knit after lunch.  Figured out the self-timer setting ;-).

Moved over to the bench when my back started getting tired.

Poor Weaslie and her rock pillow.  The dogs, cats, horses and sheep slept most of the afternoon.  The chickens stayed busy.  Of course.

Slow but steady and all forward progress today, so we took a break and had another pine tree party :-D.  This is about the end of the ice storm damage.

The lace is just starting to show.

Stopping for evening chores and dinner and then hoping to hit it hard this evening.

"My" musher, like so many others this year, has had to withdraw after a serious injury.  The trail conditions are horrible and it's really taken it's toll.  It sounds like she's given her sled to another musher whose sled was badly damaged.  That does not surprise me.


Alice said...

With the needle pointing toward the snow on the ground the knitting looks as though it is almost a product of its whiteness! Light, lovely and airy composition with a spark of red to let you know that the journey continues... very nice indeed!

Jo said...

You and your pets certainly are hardy to sit/sleep/knit in the snow. I have such thin African blood, that I would be huddled up, mittted up and curled up near you, if I was there. Great colors of soft whites, wooden brown and a splash of red.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I can see the lace! It is going to be awesome. Too bad about your musher. I bet she was disappointed:(

Miha Giustina said...

Agree, beautiful airy lace pattern.

And those sheepies and dogies are as equally beautiful:-)!

I need orange said...

My first corgi sometimes chose to sleep on a pile of books. If that pile was on the couch. :-)

Height was more important to her than softness, I think.

Suz said...

oh dear, say you didn't say you liked snow


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