Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almost A Day Late...As Usual

If you aren't participating in NaNoWriMo (some day!) and are looking for a November Challenge, how about weaving?  Fall is finally here.  Hard summer work has slacked off.  Christmas Panic has not set in...yet (aka denial).  Several friends and I have been talking about a weaving challenge or exchange...for longer than any of really want to admit.  Let's just do it!  We can be WeSoInNo ;-).

Feel free to steal this button :-).
Or we can just try to weave something in November :-).  

Here's the deal.  Much like the Knitting Olympics or the Tour de Fleece, pick a good personal challenge for yourself.  This can be anything - rag rugs, dish towels, shawls, scarves, throws, blankets...  It could be just learning how to warp the loom that's been sitting in your spare bedroom for the last few years.  Don't have a loom but would like to join in?  How about making a cardboard tapestry loom?  They're great fun!  So are potholder looms.

For the month of November (minus today obviously...sigh), work on your weaving challenge.  You can join the Punkin's Patch Ravelry group and let us know what you've picked as your challenge and how you are progressing or if you have questions/need help/can help...  Or, you can just leave a comment here or send me an email.  If you join in for the challenge and complete your goal, we'll have some prizes at the end :-). Simple as that.  Just weave something in November.

20's ready!

My challenge is completing two projects.  While that doesn't seem like much of a challenge, when you consider how many times I've actually been the one using my loom this past year...two projects is huge (hanging head in shame).  My first project is Jenny's "Grandma".  I spun the yarn for the Tour de Fleece last year (see a pattern?)

I have some locks set aside (for a special touch...I hope).

And picked my pattern - that would have been, yeah, um, last year as well. 

My second project?  To be determined, but I'm leaning towards something wearable.  And finished in November....just in time to start freaking out about Christmas.  A day/month/year too late ;-).

Ready to weave something in November?  


Bee Lady said...

A friend of mine made tic tac toe games for all of her grandchildren witha potholder loom. She made nine potholders and stitched them together. They turned out really cute.

Cindy Bee

Suzan said...

I look forward to your adventure on the loom.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Okay, so you're going to motivate me to repair the tie-ups that the bunny chewed to pieces and get something on the loom....and actually weave? Count me in....maybe I can be shamed into it!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Sara .... do you ever get bored? I am still working on learning to spin all this wool I just got back, think I will sit this one out and get ideas for next year's challenge. Maybe you could put next year's caledar on the side bar for us slower than molasses people.

Peacecat said...

For once, I am ready to accept and participate in a challenge! I will post my details on your Ravelry page and hopefully be finished in November.

Mimi Foxmorton said...



I'm just all alone here laughing out loud! That's just TOO funny!

Oh, please.......may we have a WeSoInNo button? :D

Hmm. Weaving. I did it last summer with wooden sticks and drinking straws....... :P

Will you settle for me finishing the pirate ship hook rug I started *mumble* years ago...? ;)

Can't wait to see what beautiful things turn up here!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Of course! Feel free to use the Weave Something button. Just link it back here to this post so everyone is on the same to speak ;-).

Christine said...

You crack me up. I'm going to say yes to this one. Only because I have a head start and finished warping some dish towels the other day.

I'm also writing so keep your expectations of me low.

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, it brings a tear to my eye to think Grandma is going to get worked on! I'm excited!

Janice Grinyer said...

since Im working this month in the woods, about the only event this menopausal woman can participate in would be "movember"...

Sue said...

I've taken part in NaNoWriMo for the last 10 years or so. Last year, I even managed to finish 50,000 words. Got stupid happy about it too. We'll see how this year goes.

Love the idea of setting a weaving challenge for myself. Since I just bought 16 pounds of 8/2 cotton yarn from a friend, it'd be good to start using some of it up when I'm not writing. Thanks for the push!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Ok. I've been thinking about a back strap loom so maybe this will be the month to put one together.

I still haven't figured out how to add the follow me or subscribe thingies to my blog and any assistance would be wonderful.

Glad to see that 20 is ready to weave! Such a bright and talented fellow.

Sheepmom said...

I love the idea, and an entire fresh month makes it look so possible, but.....I just have too many unfinished things right now begging for attention. I think I'll only be with you in spirit, but I'm an excellent audience for someone else's achievements! Can't wait to cheer you all on and see your creations.

Alice said...

Hmmmmm.....still deciding if it's doable or not. I'm with you in spirit!


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