Wednesday, October 31, 2012


20's been looking forward to Halloween for a long time!

His Auntie Reg assembled his outfit and Uncle John came up with his tag line.
Look up in the sky.  No, not that high.  A little lower.  It's a bird!  It's a very odd plane!  No, it's Super 20!  Faster than a speeding terrapin, more powerful than a wagon without a tractor, able to leap small obstacles with a little help.  :-)
He was all set. And with his cute sheep trick or treat basket (Thanks, Alice :-) full of cookies, he was a popular trick or treater at the barn this afternoon.

"I got to dress up for Halloween when I was a baby.  I was a ghost and Miss Ewenice was a princess."

Stella and I have done some really fun sheep costumes.  We'll catch it again next year.  If you'd like to see some of the past pictures, type "Halloween" in the search box on the right.

Everyone got some treats.

Except sad little Blossom.  She had been told she was going to get to dress up as a Sleepy Sheepy with her very own sheep pjs, a pillow and her trusty cot, but I never finished making her costume :-/.  Then, to make matters worse, the other sheep wouldn't let her through the line to get any treats!

So she got to have her very own private trick or treat party and only had to share with Iris and Weaslie.

And maybe getting a special pumpkin carved with a picture of her and big sister Lila out trick or treating will help smooth things over too.

Happy Halloween!


small farm girl said...

Aaawwwww! Love "little" Blossom. Love the pumkin too!!!!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

So happy to see 20 out there sharing cookies with the sheep for Trick or Treat. Nice picture of Blossom. Fantastic, Artistic, Great Pumpkin there, even Charlie Brown would be jealous. Love the pictures.

Alice said...

Looks like you had some sheep thrills for Halloween!!!
Blossom can have treats without a costume 'cause she's so adorable!!!
Amazing pumpkin carving all aglow.... that's a real treat for the eyes ;-)

Sheepmom said...

Wow, cookie distribution twice in just a few days. The holidays start early at Equinox Farm and just keep going! Love 20's costume. Can't wait to see Blossom next year. I think her PJs will have to be size L by then :-)

Sheepmom said...

Forgot to say how wonderful the pumpkin is!! You artist, you! That is just beyond charming. Good job.

Terry said...

How cool is that pumpkin!
Glad that our Blossom got her very own private party,

Tiggeriffic said...

WOW~! celebrating Halloween at your house is a real treat...cookie treat.. Love the superman lamb..cute cute cute..
Your pumpkins are so cool.. I wish I was that talented..~! Seeing them all lite up was the best.. They just glow..
Sorry to here you lost Marcel.. That is just not nice~!
Have a great Nov. 1st.. ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Andee said...

Hee hee. I love super sheep.

Lori Skoog said...

Go 20!

Love the pumpkin carvings. Perfect!

Far Side of Fifty said...

20 looks great..he has a captive audience:)

tonya said...

So cute!

Poor Blossom. maybe she could wear still wear the costume post halloween? maybe a pajama barn party?

LOVE your pumpkin!

Benita said...

I love your carved pumpkin. What a cute scene. Poor Blossom. It's always hard being the littlest.

Bee Lady said...

awww love this post. Blossom looks so cute...oh yes, and so does 20 in that superhero cape! Great job on the pumpkin. Who knew sheep loved Halloween so much.

Cindy Bee

Thistle Cove Farm said...

ahhhhhh...thanks for the chuckle and for the cute sheep pumpkin...very clever!
I'm a neighbor in southwest VA and I'm sorry about Hank...I hate losing one of the family. Carly is living in the yard now; she's north of 15, probably 17 and still tottering around. Voice like a fog horn, sharp little hooves and WANTS HER TREATS NOW! -smile- love that little beastie.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh dear Lord! PLEASE forgive me...of course I meant Marcel and NOT Hank! I'm so sorry, please accept my apology. Dave, my husband, died a year ago next week and I would not have hurt you for the earth!
I am so sorry for my clumsy mistake.

Suz said...

oh that was warm and wonderful I have sheep envy

thecrazysheeplady said...

Are you kidding??? ANY holiday with treats... ;-). Even if they are just saltine crackers to try to limit sugar consumption.

Maybe Blossom could be tucked in her bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head near Christmas :-).

TCF - {{{hug}}} I knew who you meant and we are all connected, so I'm sure a little of Hank died with Marcel as well, just as a little of Marcel lives on in Hank....or at least that's what I keep trying to convince myself. I know you understand.

Maureen said...

First, LOVE SuperSheep and the tag line made me laugh!

Second, lucky treats for all even Blossom yay!

Third, I LOVE your pumpkin! Wow, it is wonderful!

Fourth, just want to reach into my monitor and hug them all....

Pam said...

Oh 20, the goggles KILL me. Do they actually fit over your eyeballs? Love the pumpkin-somebody is a talented carver.
One of my all-time favorite shots is of Graham Lamb dressed up like a pumpkin for Hug A Sheep Day. The elastic stretched over his dignified posterior to keep it all in place makes me laugh every time.

CathyD. said...

That pumpkin is fabulous!
Can't wait to see Lila in her pj's.

Christine said...

Awwww, could she give you more of a pathetic look?

CathyD. said...

Oops, I meant Blossom, of course.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great comment emailed last night. Too cute to not share - with permission of course :-).
It is 8:45 here. I just stepped out to check on everyone. There is a nice moon covered with whispy clouds. And just for a moment something, not a cloud, sailed past the moon. It had a cape. And a 20ish looking sort of head. What does he do after you tuck him in for bed?
SuperSheep! Out sailing about checking to make sure all sheep are in and safe from coyotes.
Good 20!

Love the pumpkins!

Bandon, Oregon said...

Oh my Goodness.... What a GREAT Pumpkin!!!!.... Glad Everyone finally got


Susan said...

Is that "our" little Blossom??? My goodness, they grow up so fast! That pumpkin is just neato - I may try that style next year. What a great combination - sheep + treats = wonderful photos.

Alice said...

Happy Birthdate are the reason for the season:-)

Spinners End Farm said...

NICE pumpkin!!! :) It is always amazing how inspired we humans are by our woolies.

Terry and Linda said...

Blossom is really a cutie! Having your own private cookie party...sweet!


Anonymous said...

that pumpkin is so cool! and 20's lookin' pretty sharp too :)


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