Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Use Of Force

As I finished up with the evening chores tonight, a pack of coyotes started yipping off behind our farm.  Hank charged to the back, hollered at them and then trotted back to the barn.  I walked out to meet him and he and I stood out in the arena and discussed the events of the day and what we anticipated for the night.  Blossom came over and stood with us.  Hank washed her ears and I scratched her chin and Betsy rubbed up against the back of my legs.  The four of us enjoy nightfall.  

Blossom started softly butting my shins - play butts.  I knew she was just taunting her friend Betsy, not trying to hurt me, so I didn't stop her and just watched them play.  Hank, on the other hand, decided not to let things escalate and reached up and gently placed a paw on Blossom's head.  

"Okay, that's enough."  

And Blossom stopped.  


Hank takes care of everything on his farm.  I am just as important as a sheep...and I think that's pretty cool.


Michelle said...

That is VERY cool. :-)

Anonymous said...

love this. hank is awesome.

small farm girl said...

Aaawwwwww! You have a good one there.

Peruby said...

What a wonderful friend you have.

Benita said...

Of course you are - you are where the kibble comes from! :)

Actually, that is a wonderful experience. When you and your animals are communicating with one another so perfectly.

MarmePurl said...

Love in action.

Sheepmom said...

Hank is one smart pupper.
"Blossom. Don't hit mother. It's not nice."
Good boy.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Animals are magic, eh? ;)

Terry said...

Just as important as a sheep. Wow, that's pretty darn important in Hank's world. He's such a good boy.


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