Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"This Makes Absolutely No Sense!"

Just as I was finishing up a nice ride on Hickory (in my new to me saddle :-) I heard the side barn door crash open and saw all the sheep yippee-ing it out into a paddock that they weren't supposed to be in (rotational grazing plan...plan being the operative word).

My first thought was to run Hickory over to the cross ties, unbridle, put his halter on and hook him up and then run back over to get the sheep. Duh. Jump back on Hickory and let him run the sheep back in.

Aria used to LOVE doing this. If I needed to get everyone in the barn and they weren't cooperating, I'd jump on Aria and let her set things straight. After two times of her being able to outrun them when they tried to scoot past me...I just had to walk her into the field. Sheep all in the barn, thank you very much ;-).

Hickory was less enthusiastic. I drew him trotting, but in reality we were walking. Really slowly. Slow is Hickory's favorite gait and the sheep figured that out pretty quick, but we did get the job done.

I couldn't help thinking that he was probably pretty confused by the whole situation. I mean, really, he's been nothing but yelled at for Sheep Bowling and now he's supposed to chase them? Poor Hickory.

I thought briefly of taking an iPhone picture as we were getting the last two (Willard and Lila - of course) corralled up, but decided to do a cartoon sketch instead. I needed to be drawing some sheep anyway, right?

I think Hickory and I look pretty good, but you'll notice there are no sheep in the drawing.


The whole month has been devoted to drawing sheep and now you can't draw a sheep???

I made three attempts and they were awful and I really need to get back to the shop and get some work done so gave up...for now. I'll try again later.

How is everyone else doing drawing their sheep? I've received some super cute chalkboard sketches from John C. and Lori's posted some great pictures of her art student's work.

I'm ready to start receiving images for the Draw a Sheep Art Show next Monday. You can either scan your drawings, take a photo of your drawings or if you did your drawing on a tablet or computer, just save it as a jpeg and send it that way. Please keep the file size under 300 KB and send them to thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com.

Remember, this is JUST FOR FUN!!! No judging, just sharing. And I need to follow my own guidelines and remember there are no bad sheep drawings!

And everyone who sends in at least one picture will be entered to win a copy of Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook :-D.


Gayle said...

Too bad no one else was around. A little video would have been funny! :)

Dreaming said...

Hooray for Hickory!
I do think you guys look great! Perfect form on your part; nice line from bit to elbow, heels down, good shoulder-hip-heel alignment! Yeah.... you did a great job!

Alice said...

Hmmmm you have Artist’s block, Sara. First you "draw a sofa shaped blob..... then add some skinny legs....”
I’m not sure which is more humorous, you chasing the sheep on a horse trained not to chase ‘em, or your not being able to draw a sheep when you’ve taught others how to do it and probably made hundreds of them heretofore.
And where was Hank when all of these shenanigans were going on?
Great drawing of you and Hickory!

Kim said...

I like the new to me saddle.

Michelle said...

Um, does it count that I've occasionally (as in only when I read your blog) THOUGHT about drawing sheep?

Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

I did try drawing a sheep. It looked very much like a short tailed rat. I'm not judging it, really, but I'm not sharing it either!

Terry said...

Not even a giveaway could tempt me to share my sheep/fat cat drawing.


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