Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reason #634 Why Hank Hates Hickory

Although most of the earlier reasons involve Sheep Bowling or just General Principle, reason #634 Don't Sleep On My Bed!!! may rotate higher in the list.

It's been down in the teens for the last few nights. While Hank has never acted cold (as opposed to Hickory who seems a bit perturbed by the whole "misrepresentation of moving south"), I have noticed that he does prefer to sit on some hay on really cold nights.

I set several piles of eating hay out along the top of the hill in front of the run in stalls for Handy and Hickory. The other night I took a half a bale of some old bedding hay and shook it out into a fluffy pile for Hank.

"Here Hank. This is for you."

That's all I did. All I said. He 'got it' that that particular pile was his. Handy moseyed over to check it out and Hank growled at him.

"Get away from my hay!"


This is why that while Hank doesn't like Handy, he doesn't hate Handy. And what does enemy #2 (coyotes come first...usually) do?

He lays down in Hank's bed.

Oh Hickory...

You are pretty cute. Not that Hank cares.

Beautiful, but frosty morning. Handy has to eat behind bars so Hickory doesn't steal his food. Seems to be a pattern here ;-).


Anchor Cottage said...

How funny that these animals act out!! Love that Hank knew the bedding was for him but for Hickory to lay down on it is just too much!! LOL

Jenny Glen said...

Hickory looks so cute sleeping! (so does Hank) Right now you are cooler than us, but as of Monday, we're supposed to have a HIGH of 0 F so you'll have to stop complaining then, and let me take over!

Alice said...

Awwwwe, Hank’s bed is all smushed! Was that hay once used by the horses and Hickory recognized a scent on it? Maybe I can’t bail him out, but he is so handsome, it’s hard to be annoyed for too long. After all, he is the new kid on the block. Hank needs a bed that comes with a free Serta sheep! ;-)

Christine said...

Poor Hank. He works so hard all night then has to put up with that kind of behavior. Just doesnt seem right.

Dreaming said...

Is that a smug expression on Hickory's cute face?!

Nancy K. said...


small farm girl said...

Ik, I have to admit, that was cute. Lol

Anonymous said...

Hickory is mighty cute sitting there on the hay,, but I suspect that as he sits and stews, Hank is working on a new-horse-on- the-block training program. :)


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