Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sheep Peeking

I'm still knitting on my mittens. Good thing I allowed myself a month to complete them. If we were counting on my knitting to keep us warm this winter, we'd be dead by now. Except we really haven't had much winter. They way things are going, I'll be able to pose my completed End of May flower mittens on some actual flowers at the End of January. Sigh.

Anyway, as I was scanning through pictures I've taken in progress, I kept noticing little sheep peeking out from everywhere. Sheep pjs.

Sheep knitting bag (maybe Sheepmom can remind me who makes these neat bags).

I especially like this sheep.

And this darling sheep pocket purse where I stash my stitch markers, darning needle, tiny scissors...

I took this picture to show Stella what Magic Loop looks like. Included here only to see if anyone notices what's different or missing from the above pictures.

I've lost my neat cat magnet ruler pattern marker thingie - note yellow sticky notes.

I think a sheep ate it.


Kinda funny story...


Nancy K. said...

Great eye! I see the sheep...

I can't believe that you're that far on your mittens already. I'm still spinning the yarn for mine...

Of course, I don't suppose that it was really necessary for me to spin the WHOLE FLEECE before I start knitting!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Sherbet Sheep has just discovered your blog whilst looking other sheep blogs. Please come and visit him at:

We'll be back.

ewespin said...

When I look at the knitted pattern on the mittens in the
2nd and 5th pictures, I see a small flock of sheep. Just

Kim said...

The mittens are looking really nice! What sheep are they being made from?

thecrazysheeplady said...

They are from some really old roving from one of my first years to process wool. So, I'm guessing they are a mix of the first 5 Jacobs - Esther, Elizabeth, Jester, Joshua and Jacob. I don't think we had Emily, Heidi and Henri then. Esther and Jacob are now deceased, so this makes these kinda special now that I think about it. Thanks - that makes my day...and lessens the blow I took when I just now frogged the entire thumb that I'd been working on most of the afternoon ;-).

Alice said...

Your Fair Isle Pattern has exquisite detail!
I, too, see “flocks of sheep” in the pattern. It’s fun to play “I SPY” with your photos, and even more challenging to see what one can find in the Wool House, or your kitchen!

Christine said...

Uh huh. The sheep ate your knitting accessory? Are you planning to use that excuse to explain why your mittens are not done?

Sheepmom said...

The knitting bag came from a lady in my spinning guild. She has an etsy shop -

There are some current health issues in her family, but the note on her etsy shop says she is still taking custom orders so it sounds like she is open to being contacted.


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