Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mopple The Whale

Dis Boudreaux, not Renny. Boudreaux is, um, taller. And Lila can stuff her chipmunk cheeks all she wants, but I don't think she'll ever get this big. She doesn't have"bone structure".

"I do! I've got big bones!"

You've also, once again, Boudreaux, got a big mess on/in/throughout your big fleece.

This looks bad, but pictures can lie. It's actually way, way worse in real life. Hay chaff, chicken feathers, pizza box, a big mac wrapper, heck, I'm not sure he doesn't have a cat or two tucked away in that mess.

And like most elite athletes, Boudreaux apparently trains all day and all night. I snapped this with my phone this morning as he waddled out of the eat breakfast.


Yeesh, Boudreaux.

Now before you start accusing me of not feeding hay properly or lecture me on the benefits of sheep coats*, let's just peruse the rest of the flock. Only a scrap or two of hay here.

Graham, scratching his ear on the new door, spotless. Lila yesterday? Pretty darn clean. Oh, and that's Rebecca Boone's clean back in the close up above. Everyone's clean but Boudreaux.

My theory? I've seen Boudreaux eating hay scraps off other sheep. I think he picks them all clean. Why no one returns the favor, I don't know. Or maybe they do and just can't keep up with his mess. Sort of like my house. Or at least that's my story...

Speaking of stories, if you do not know who Mopple the Whale is in "real life", you must pick up a copy of Three Bags Full. This is not a library book. This is keeper. One you'll read more than once.

Luckily, unlike the real Mopple, I don't think Boudreaux remembers much of anything so he won't hold this post against me. Not like Renny, who will Never Forget her friends Louann and Natalie bringing low fat cookies to her birthday party. Lila, believe it or not, doesn't even like cookies.

It's my own strange cast of characters around here ;-).

* And yes, Boudreaux would definitely be a great candidate for a coat, but for some reason I just don't really like them. And yes, I did put a sweater on 20, so it is somewhat irrational - shut up! ;-) And yes, while I'd much rather look at a clean backed Boudreaux, seeing his nappy, hay filled fleece makes me laugh. And shake my head with disbelief. That's just Boudreaux.

I'd miss burying my hands down into his wool and scratching his itchy back - which yes, would probably be less itchy without all that hay, but even my "clean" sheep love to have their backs scratched. And yes, his fleece would be worth more money if it were coated, but as I'm not going to get rich selling wool, I'm just going to do what makes me happy. Just like Boudreaux :-).


Tombstone Livestock said...

Love the pictures, and the story. Glad 20 has a sweater, his fleece looks a little skimpy compaired to Boudreaux.

Christine said...

Oh Wow. He and my Shirley need to start internet dating, they are MADE for each other. He's huge and a mess, she's huge and a mess...

I completely agree about the coats. I like my sheep in a natural state of being even if it makes skirting a fleece a nightmare.

Susan said...

I can relate - Acacia burrows UNDER the hay feeder, so there is chaff and seeds and whatever right down to the skin. My excuse is that I cannot coat Icelandics unless I want to shear felt. I just figure it adds...fiber.

csndyrn said...

I am spinning some Boudreax fiber right now. Clean or dirty, it spins so nicely. Love the color and the stories.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh my're right!
THAT is Mopple the Whale!!!!!

ANd you're right about the's a definite keeper.

I wish she'd write another.


Gayle said...

I love their faces...I think your sheep scream their personalities with their smiles.

Alice said...

Having met Boudreaux, his body is shaped to hold a bottle of Bordeaux (or maybe a case) for a dyslexic drinker.
Flicking his wool tells a story of where he's been, what he's eaten, and who he' s been hanging around. He could write his own best seller.

Alice said...

Having met Boudreaux, his body is shaped to hold a bottle of Bordeaux (or maybe a case) for a dyslexic drinker.
Flicking his wool tells a story of where he's been, what he's eaten, and who he' s been hanging around. He could write his own best seller.

farmlady said...

And that's the bottom line...
" what makes me happy. Just like Boudreaux :-)."
Some are messy, some are not. Just like life.
I had a child like this (Not furry... but his surroundings were frightful.) and he turned out just fine.

Anonymous said...

love that book. the sheep characters are so cool. I really need to reread it again soon.

cyndy said...

Boudreaux, the "pig pen" of sheep!

So lovable ;-)

Benita said...

I love that book!!!

And he rather does look like Mopple the Whale.

Nancy K. said...

I'm with you and Christine. I hate the thought of sheep running around looking like stuffed sausages. Not to mention the fact that petting a burlap bag (or nylon ~ whatever!)just doesn't compare to warming one's fingers deep in a soft, dense fleece! No coats for my sheep either.

Sheepmom said...

That Andy has figured it out - Boudreaux is part Klingon! Big and burly and rough around the edges and stuff "klings on" to him. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I love the list of items you might find in his fleece - too funny ;) I need to dig that book out again and reread it...a definite keeper.

Bee Lady said...

Well that's what my parents always say about ME! That I'm big boned - daaaammit! Maybe Boudreaux and I should join Weight Watchers together. I was thinking when I first saw his picture that I bet that wool is beautiful to spin.

Cindy Bee

Terry and Linda said...

He is fat...he is just wait if you shave him he will be a stick! :)



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