Monday, January 2, 2012

Mittens Anyone?

It's freezing! Normally by January 2nd I'd be good and acclimated to cold weather and happy to see some snow flakes. With so many days over 50 this winter, 28 and flurries has me holed up in the house this morning. Looking at patterns on Ravelry :-D.

I'd like to do a small Fair Isle project to practice before I tackle the patterning on the Jester sweater. Yes, it does seem like I keep putting that off, but I'm such a brutally slow knitter that I don't want to get 2-3 inches into the yoke and realize I should have practiced a bit more. It's happened.

I think it would be fun to knit a pair of mittens. There are so many beautiful examples on Ravelry that I'm having trouble picking one - part of the fun!

There are also some great basic mitten patterns.

And everything in between.

I'm thinking that if I can get my fingers in gear, I can practice patterning and end up with a fun pair of mittens to wear for the rest of the winter.

Anyone interested in joining me for a mitten knitalong? Set a goal for yourself, pick a pattern somewhere (doesn't have to be Ravelry), dive into your stash/visit your LYS/spin your own yarn and get knitting. Or crocheting. Or heck, I bet you could even felt a pair of mittens.

Let's just try to learn something new and end up with something warm to wear before the end of winter. Say by the end of January? If you're interested, leave a note in the comments or join in on the Punkin's Patch Ravelry Group.

While I'm into screen shots, here is what I see when I look at the new blog layout.

Well, what I see on my desktop. My old laptop has the same page layout, but the font is not small and cute, but huge and a standard version of Times New Roman.
  • Are you getting the new font or something big and gaudy?

  • Are the picture Just Too Big?

  • I changed the file size of the header. Still loading really slow?

  • What about the comments section? Easier to use? Harder?

  • Any other pros or cons?

  • Any other problems?

What do you think about the new layout?


  1. Hi your page looks fine - I use a tablet so with the flick of my fingers i can make your page larger or smaller. I also use google chrome so the page loads quick - i prefer it to firefox.

  2. Oh, I must poke at you: Up here, in the Great White North, at 10:00 AM, the sun is still tucked behind the clouds and we are a balmy 41F!

  3. I LOVE your blog and all the sheepies but almost all of the column on the right-hand side is off my screen now with the new layout, I have to scroll sideways to read it. That's with Google Chrome. A very happy New Year to all at Punkin's Patch!

  4. It's official and I have to make the change. Wanting to help you.... I use IE and it is big and kind of funky looking so I opened it in firefox and it looks great. I guess it is time for me to change browsers. (*sigh* old habits die hard).

  5. I LOVE the large photos! No problem with load time but I did experience one interesting 'quirk'. When I initially go to your page, the text appears to be TNR. But when I click on the comments, it is a fancier text! What's with that??? ;-)

    I may just check out Google Chrome...

    Any suggestions as to how to enable the larger photos on my blog?

    Happy New Year my Friend!

  6. Hmmm - may have to check out google chrome. As far as making the pictures large, I'm doing it manually by going into the html and increasing the sizes. It's easier for me to double the size (math-wise), but may need to practice my math tables and do 1 1/2 times instead.

    Thanks for the help!

  7. I l;ike the new layout. I do have to scroll over to see the sidebar, but that's probably just my desktop monitor settings. The resolution on my laptop is set higher and I can see the entire width of the page. The only problem I see is the top comment on a post overlaps the "You might also like" box. I'm using IE.

  8. I look at your blog everything is where it belongs and the text is great. Without the comments being in the pop up format I have to go back to see your other posts.

  9. I love the new layout. I've found that increasing the size the way you are can make the photos blurry. I increase as instructed here...

    after you get used to it, it's very easy.
    leaving comments here is very easy too.
    I may join mittens...

  10. Im on a laptop with google chrome, and your pictures load fine,the sidebar is visible :)

    And my oldest daughter is now thinking if she can manage your spindle with wool from your etsy shop, why not cat hair too? My worst fears coming true; shes doesnt want to be a married womanlike her little sister but a catlady...sigh...who knew that an innocent spindle would become a spinster cat lady enabling tool...

  11. I like the new bigger pictures and font. I don't have any problems getting the whole page on my monitor. I also like the comment format.

    I'm going to join you in a mitten knitalong. I have a kit from Knitwhits that I bought about 4 years ago sitting in my stash. They are "Poinsettia Mittens", a fairisle-then-felted pattern. I'm not sure I'll ever use them--they might be too bulky, but I want to knit them anyway. They also have a 2-color cast-on, which I have never done, so always new things to learn.

  12. OK you just gave me the push I needed to start my first pair of Thrummed Mittens. I look forward to knitting with you!
    I like the bigger pictures too. My text is pretty big, but I don't think I've lost anything on the side. I don't have to scroll side to side.
    I think I like the new format.

  13. Count me in on the mittens. I've been looking at the same on Ravelry. I want to try something small first as well.

    I get something bigger than it used to be and the only problem is the comments seem to be over the edge of the bottom part of the post. Like where the Linkwithin thumbnails are.

  14. I use Google Chrome on a laptop and I can see the entire width of the page. I like the bigger size of the text and pictures!

  15. You fixed it. Comments are on a different popup now.

  16. Love the new layout, I hope you and Tim have a great 2012..:-)

  17. I'm desperate for new mittens! Mine are going to be very simple, hopefully thrummed.
    I have a new computer (new operating system too) and it seems I have to re-learn everything. Your blog looks great on my new screen though!

  18. You changed your layout?

  19. I'm using IE8 here at work and I'm getting big type - but I really don;t mind because I can read it without puttin on my glasses.

    I think I'll take you up on the mitten-a-long. I need to practice my stranded knitting some more, too.

  20. I like the comment form, it's the same one I use. On my desktop computer, I have to scroll sideways to see your sidebar.
    To enlarge pictures with blogger, after you post them,(and before you publish the post) click on the photo and there is a bar at the bottom that enables you to change the size; I usually use Large and sometimes Extra Large.

  21. I'll join knit-along. I never did Fair Isle. Another gentle push from you to try something new. Thanks.

  22. When I push the comment button I get a 3X4 window and then I need to click to get a full page. The print is much smaller on the comment page. I dont recall this size or format before. Could be just my laptop.
    Your layout has always been great. I love the shade of yellow you use for the background. It is easy on the eyes and makes for better figure ground and for framing your photos.

  23. Safari doesn't like the new format-I have to scroll back and forth sideways too. But it isn't that big of a deal for me. I'll get used to it.
    I'm in on the mittens!

  24. Wowee!! I go away for a couple of days and I come back to a bigger gorgeous blog AND a new back on the barn. The blog really looks wonderful-no problems here. And your best of way I could pick a favorite. Well, maybe. Clouds. No, Lila. No, Hank. No, never mind.

  25. Hi, I need to add my two cents:) I would recommend knitting a hat as a first colorwork pattern--for a couple reasons. First, although bigger than mittens you get into the rhythm of a pattern as you move along the row, and it goes quickly. With mittens, you get into the groove and then have to switch needles, regroup, and regroove, even if you work magic loop method and especially on the thumbs. Second, moving from one needle to the next is a little tricky when you are first learning to strand; you need to concentrate to keep your stranded tension even. Check out Kate Davies' pattern for Sheep Heid, an awesome sheepy hat; And having said all that, mittens are a great quick project and I would love to do a KAL. Love your new blog format--it comes thru perfectly in Firefox. Pam S.

  26. I love how big the photos are. Everything fits on my screen - no sideways scrolling necessary - but the entire screen is filled with blog right to the edges - there is no empty colored margin on either side, so one's first reaction is "whoa". Maybe it's because my monitor is large so the effect is amplified. I'm slow to accept changes, so I'm still getting used to it, but I love the bigger pictures.

  27. I prefer the older blog style. I like your layout, and the font is really pretty (and big enough for my 44 year old eyes to see clearly) But it does fill up the entire computer screen so it feels a bit more "whoa".

    But I will get used to it, and love it, I am sure. I am always a little thrown by changes in layout (I am still miffed with gmail...)

    But don't worry! I LOVE your blog, I ADORE your words, and am in awe of your photography. All is good!

  28. For me everything is coming in HUGE! But I will get used to it.


  29. I'm still working on the layout issues. Sigh.

    I actually made a Fair Isle hat a few years ago...which is why I knew I needed some more practice ;-). You are right though, a hat is a better first project.


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