Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whereas I Almost Kill B. Willard...But Get A Funny Story Out Of It

Buddy (with his ears back): "There was nothing funny about it!"

You remember Buddy. The kindest sheep in the world. We also call him our vet tech. Any time something's wrong with a sheep, like when Miss Ewenice couldn't get up, he's right there. Any time you have to doctor on a sheep, he's right there. Right by your side.

He's so right there that we've learned to count on his help. If you need to catch a crazy Jacob? Head 'em towards Buddy. He's a nearly unmovable wall. Need somewhere to set your cell phone, extra vet supplies, towels...? His back is a perfect table. Right by your side.

Last night I noticed Willard was breathing funny again. Took his temp and it was high. Got ready to give him a couple shots and he jumped around during the second shot and the needle must have gashed a small artery. I thought he was going to bleed to death.

To make a long story (sort of) short, I was kneeling next to Willard, holding pressure on the injection site and here comes Buddy.

"Let's see. What do we have going on here?" (He has an excellent bedside manner.)

"Sniff. Sniff. Sniff." (Checking things out.)

He gets a good look at all the blood running down Willard's leg, his eyes get big and he leaves.

"I'm out!"

He stood off to the side for a couple minutes, but his need to vet tech got the best of him. He came back. Got a good look again, eyes got big, walked (quickly) away.

"That's it! You're on your own."

Apparently Buddy can't stand the sight of blood?

"Yeah, well it was pretty awful."

"I don't even want to talk about it!"

"In fact, I'm leaving!"

"I am so out of here!"

"Hey, how come no one else is coming with me?"

Don't take it personal, B. Willard. Hank's blocking the gate (stupid sheep who still don't like Hank much even though they sure don't mind letting him work his butt off all night keeping coyotes at bay).

I'd like to get a picture of Hank sitting up on the hill in front of the horse stalls at night. The moon was bright last night and each time I went up to check on Willard, I could see Hank in the moonlight. The coyotes were all around and every time they got close, he reminded them to stay away. I can't imagine life without Hank.

Or B. Willard.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

That is just beautiful! (Though scary for a minute.)

Bless Hank! Big dogs are the best! :)

Susan said...

I could just see that whole story unravel. Poor Buddy - at least he tried to come back and help. What a sight it must be - beautiful, big white Hank in the moonlight keeping the coyotes at bay. Good dog.

small farm girl said...

Ok, now I want a picture of Hank in the moonlight. hehehehe

Christine said...

LOL, poor Buddy. Hey, at least he didn't pass out. That's something, right?

Christine said...

Wait...is that Renny in that top photo on the right? Good grief she's HUGE.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Um, no. That would be Boudreaux and that's not the fattest picture I took of him this morning. That boy needs his own zip code.

Nutztierarche Stocksee said...

Great story, thank you very much, and very nice pics. :-D
I hope, B. Willard is ok?
Greetings from Germany

Marcy said...

Amazing animals, all! I so wish I could meet them. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

That WAS funny. Perhaps Buddy took in all the evidence and concluded you gave up vegetarianism. No point waiting around to be the next slaughter victim!

And Willard's fleece? YUMMY.

How are you and Hickory doing?

Lori Skoog said...

Hope all is well now. Hank is one special boy...thanks Hank!

Shirley said...

Buddy is right- but is it ok if we laugh a little at his expense?
Now you've done it- we all want that photo of Hank in the moonlight.

Mud Ranch said...

Ha ha ha ha... I love your sheep. :D

farmlady said...

Animals do not like blood. I could see it in Buddy's eyes. Some are more afraid than others. Buddy is a smart sheep and he knew something was very wrong. He will come back when the blood smell subsides.
I love the photo of Hank blocking the gate. He does his work so well.
I could picture him in the moonlight protecting the farm.
We had Coyote nearby last night and our dogs were really upset about it.
Wild things love moon lit nights. I wish I had an night camera so I could see what visits us in the moonlight.
Try your regular camera with the lens open wider. You might be surprised how it comes out.

Ed said...

Poor Willard, hope he is feeling better and Hank is still a Saint...:-)

Terry said...

Willard has the most beautiful curls.

Sheepmom said...

Glad to see everyone OK after a night of drama. All the makings of a good movie - Night of the Living Bled.

Buddy and Hank - what a team.

Peacecat said...

B Willard! Is he faring any better?

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Buddy. I am the same way. I have always been afraid of doing that, the jacobs really like to jump around when I am trying to give them shots. Hopefully B. Willard is back to feeling well soon.

Just Ramblin' said...

Thank you for the little journey. I tad scary with the blood and all, but very interesting and well told. The photos are awesome and Hank seems as if he has it all under control. : )

Shelley said...

Glad he didn't faint! :oP


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