Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Paper

Once again I get to be an example for others.

I've looked and looked at patterns on Ravelry for two days. The ones I like say I need 210-ish yards. I spun 210 yards. Decided on a pattern. Paid for the download. Printed it off...and I need two SKEINS of 210 yards each.

Of course I spun this from stash remnants, trying to be clever for the new year and all. Do I have any more of these exact colors?

Oh you know it...


Michelle said...


Alice said...

Beautifully balanced spun yarn. Good idea to re-read the directions. I will bet that in your stash is some more just like this, indeed!!! ;-)

Sheepmom said...

I'll follow the mitten KAL in spirit. I'm still working on our guild KAL of the LaLa Shawl. Can't wait to see your pattern!

Peacecat said...

Praytell, Sara, what pattern??


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