Friday, January 6, 2012

Hen Party!

A few days ago I was complaining about the cold. Today? It's going to be 58 degrees!

Everyone's out and about. The chickens, the bees, even Eli crawled out of the cat condo, staggered about 15 steps to the nearest sunny bench and went back to sleep.

The Adventure Chickens love to look for sunflower seeds under the Wool House feeder.

And they really love to take dust baths in the mulch out front. It's funny to watch (except for the flower bed destroying part :-/), but the pictures all look like Betsy's grabbed one and half buried it for later.

"Betsy??? Did someone say Betsy?!?"

Little Jane's had several, um, "exciting" run ins with Betsy.

Most of the furious bathing was over by this point, but I wanted to try my new phone's video feature which conveniently loads straight to YouTube. A little slice of farm

This old chicken is one of my favorites. I'm glad she's enjoying the warm, sunny day. Hope you are as well!


Alice said...

I like the new video feature! It was crisp and clear for a phone source. You had quite a wind stir! Looks like Betsy was the hen party chaperone ;-)

Jenny Glen said...

I always ask my girls if today is a spa day when I see them taking dirt baths.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Oh, do chickens love mulch! Mine destroyed all that hard work we did before the wedding, in one joyful afternoon. It's hard to be mad at them when you can see how much they love it.

Terry and Linda said...

What wonderful warm weather you are having. My hens stay inside...they don't like the snow. I let them out when we get mud, they don't like it either.


Gayle said...

Ahh, a warm, sunny day sounds delightful. We "warmed up" to -13* today. I'm making a mental note to spend every second outside this summer to save up for winter! Hope you are out enjoying the sunshine as well.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

No warm for us here in NH. We had a pretty dusting of snow this morning and through the day. It's supposed to be warmer this weekend. I love watching your girls!

Lori Skoog said...

Yo sunshine!

farmlady said...

Kind of a strange Winter all around this year. No rain, no snow, lots of sunny nice days. Very strange so far.
I love watching chickens. I get a kick out of watching their nervousness around a cat or dog. You're going to have fun with that video feature on your phone.
The last photo of the old white chicken was nice. We all have to get old... chickens and humans alike.

WildBlack said...

Cool post :) Video quality is good too.

Amazing shots!
Happy New year :D

Dreaming said...

It looks like you had a beautiful day!


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