Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There's a new sheep in the wool house. His name is 20. Says so right on his side. He's a big Serta sheep ;-). He's extra special because he was a gift from a couple of my favorite Border Collies, Camp and Huck. Huck won him by finishing 11th in the USBCHA National Open Sheepdog Finals last fall. That's a big deal. 20 is a big sheep.

I stopped in the wool house after doing morning chores and found 20 doing a little knitting. After the initial shock wore off, I noticed he'd picked my favorite, next project to hit the needles, B. Willard yarn.


At least he has good taste.

"So, um, what are you doing?"

"Knitting up a swatch for a sweater. I've heard it's a lot colder up here than Georgia."

"Yeah. So... Hmmm."

"Why did you pick that yarn?"

"Well, your Border Collie told me to sit here and stay out of trouble. This is the only yarn I could reach."

"I see."

"You do know I was getting ready to make myself a sweater from that, right?"

"It's knitting up real nice. Gonna to make a warm sweater for sure."

"For who?!?"

"Well, we could share it, couldn't we?"

"Your head is at least three times the size of mine. You'll stretch out the neck."

"What if we put some buttons at the top? Like a Henley."
(Resisting the urge to start whimpering...)

"Great! Let's get started. Do you want the arms or the body?"
"I guess I'd better do the arms."

Camp, Huck and Nick were up visiting and working sheep over the weekend. I have some pretty pictures to post tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's Huck and 20 at the finals. He's the 20 on the left ;-).


Alice said...

How nice of Huck to share his prize with you! I will bet he has more sheep to count to be sure !
Looks like 20 has many talents as well, like... knitting, sweater design, and I am also going to guess he is Baa-lingual. What a welcome addition to the Wool House ;-)

trump said...

Just saying hello from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

flowerweaver said...

Well, 20 will make a nice addition to the flock, especially if he knits half your sweaters. Maybe he can be the Wool House assistant?

farmlady said...

How cute! Don't you just love it when stuffed animals talk to you and want to try knitting?
20 is very talented.
I love Alice's "Baa-lingual" comment. LOL.
Congratulations to Huck!

Christine said...

Baa-lingual? LOL

I don't even know how to respond to all this. I clearly need more coffee.

Camp said...

Dear Aunt Sara,

So glad "20" is fitting in nicely. Knew he deserved a good job in a special place...what better than the Wool House Assistant on Equinox Farm!

much love for you and of course Iris,


Shelley said...

I need one of those! How cute! And handy too! ;-)

Jan baby said...

I think you need a vacation!

Jenny Glen said...

I THINK YOU NEED A FLOCK of those sheep! I've got 3 more just taking up space - and one is pink! I know. One is enough. No one wants to take them off my hands. I'm glad Serta sponsors the Nationals, and I'm glad my husband is good enough to win them but they are HUGE!

cyndy said...

Too funny!

Are you sure you aren't dreaming?

Sheepmom said...

Oh, it's not enough that you have sheep who drive the 4 Wheeler, now you have to show off with a knitting sheep! Jenny Glen is right - I think anyone with a Serta Sheep should send them to thecrazysheeplady right away so she has a whoooole flock! Think of the knitting she could get done! She can't say NO to a new sheep - she'll be glad to have them!

Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-haaa (mad laughter)

Anonymous said...



Ed said...

LOL! So when is 20 going to be introduced to the rest of the gang, should be interesting..:-))


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