Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiny Tracks

I just love little bird feet. Especially little bird feet in the snow. Coming up to knock on the door.

"Hey lady? Can you put out some more seed?"

Don't get too excited over that blue sky - only three months til pool time and I'll be able to just jump right in.

Sadly I think our big snow days are over for the year.

I'm trying to jinx us into having at least one more good one. I figure it's safe to do that now because everyone else is so sick of it and despondent that no one will have the energy to pelt me with snowballs or bury me in the cold cold snow!


flowerweaver said...

By the looks of it, all your extra snow came to Texas. (We didn't get any though).

Nancy K. said...

Oh, Sara! You are more than welcome to come visit me when we get our next BIG snowfall! It's only February and we always get some major snow storms in March.

Bring you shovel!


P.S. Love the tiny, delicate bird footprints and the stunning cardinal shots!

Jody said...

I have 3 Bluejays that sit on my back porch everyday and eat the sunflower seeds and peanuts I put out for them. They were born and raised in my backyard apple tree. The Chickadees have their own peanutbutter/baconfat/sunflower seed ball. I have never seen a beautiful red cardinal however. Such stunning looking birds!

Christine said...

I love tiny bird foot prints too. I swear we must be related sometimes. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to plant a giant snowball square in your face.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the little bird tracks too!

I will go out on a limb and say we're done with snow--We found someone to plow our driveway--It's the best insurance there is!

Stay warm!!

Linda said...

I love cardinals....I've only ever seen one in all the years we've lived here. Great shot.

DayPhoto said...

COME ON OVER!!! Not only will you be able to get some snow in you can also enjoy the barley above zero temps and the below zero wind chill. I really don't mind sharing and to share with a good friend is ever nicer.

I have never seen a cardinal ever in my whole life! THEY ARE WONDERFUL!


Pam said...

How funny...while you were taking teeny tiny track photos I was taking gargantuan monster bird track photos. I came home today and there were turkey tracks going right across our walkway. I was amazed at how big they were! They looked like the ostrich tracks we saw in Africa. I'll send you a photo.

Lori Skoog said...

You have a lot of nerve wanting more snow! Maybe you should come up for a visit so you can really enjoy it!

Great photos by the way.

Ed said...

Bring it on, soon it will be in the 90's and I'll be withing for fall..LOL!


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