Saturday, February 19, 2011

Logan River Wrap Knitalong - Part Two

I love to sit with our sheep so I walked out, picked a sunny spot and leaned against the fence. Hank came over, flopped down on my legs and rolled around a bit doing the silly dog. After a few tummy rubs he went back to work and sat just off to my right where he could keep an eye on everything.

Including Mia, who'd come over to make sure I'd worked my cables correctly.

As soon as Keebler got close to the knitting bag though, he jumped up, ran over and chased him away.

"Don't. Touch. That!"

"You too B. Willard."

"Get back!"

"Sherman! You go over there and stay over there!"

And then he lay down between the sheep and my knitting.

I am not making this up.

Most folks have LGDs. I apparently have a KGD (knitting guardian dog).

And around here, I believe that's not a bad thing to have.


Nancy K. said...

What more could you possibly ask for???

Gotta love that Hank!

Anonymous said...

Hank is a sweetie -- I need one like him to guard my crochet and cross stitch projects

Jean - MN

Jan baby said...

Too funny! I started the Logan River project to master the pattern and decided to finish what was left of the yarn. Now I'm at the border and I really need to sit and take an hour with no distractions to finish it and then I can start the shawl. It's really a fun pattern and easy to follow once I got it down. However, I still had to pull out rows when I missed the far side cable stitch. ARGHH. I hate pulling stitches. Anyway, by the time we get to Boyd's, I should be almost done. (I say that now. I still haven't purchased the yarn yet!)

Christine said...

Good boy, Hank! That's too funny.

BTW, I love the bag. I have some fun sheep fabric that I just purchased with plans for a bag. I might have to steal a few ideas.

Denise said...

I could use a kgd to keep my projects safe from a certain orange tabby named Lewis Lee who wreaks havoc on my yarn and projects given a chance.

Mom L said...

Hank is brilliant!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Michelle said...

Hank is a sheep-mind-reader is what he is! He knows who the rascals are, and what they're up to. GOOD dog, Hank. :-)

flowerweaver said...

Ha ha ha, I'm surprised Grammy wasn't all over that bag scheming where just he could run with it. Hank apparently knows what kind of trouble the sheep can get into around knitting!

Lori Skoog said...

It sure looks nice down there. We are having whiteouts and 50 mph winds.

Hank loves his Mama.

Anonymous said...

Good boy Hank! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hank! Keep those sheep in line. :)

Leah said...

My mom's dog would lay beside her work gloves when she dropped them somewhere on the farm. She could retrace her steps, looking for the dog. She always regretted not taking the time to train him to pick them up and bring them to her. Those two loved each other very much.

Thanks for the memory.


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