Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four And Twenty Blackbirds

I heard these birds in the house through closed doors and windows.

A cacophony!

That's one of my favorite words. Cacophony.

And just like that... one big woosh...

...they were gone.

And it was quiet.


Nancy K. said...

Isn't that COOL???

I love it when they form those giant masses and get so loud and the flock seems to go on for miles & miles, when they take off.

Great pictures ~ too bad you couldn't video them and capture the sound!

Camp said...

okay--you slow on the uptake are in the sequel of Alfred Hitchcock's movie THE BIRDS!!!! yikes.

Christine said...

It always freaks me out when they do that here. They get so loud you can't hear yourself think.

Phyllis said...

They're migratory, right? Maybe they come before the robin? :)

flowerweaver said...


Brenda said...

I had one of those flocks a couple of times last summer. They sure are loud!

Dreaming said...

We used to have crows that would collect in our trees. They were so noisy one could hardly think. Then, just like your pictures...they'd take off.
Great pictures. Does this mean that spring is arriving?!!!

cyndy said...


Migration? Or just looking for a good place to roost?

Spring comes in with a flock of tree swallows around here...they dip and dive over the river...I always hear them before I see them!

DayPhoto said...

That's one of my favorite words also!



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