Monday, August 23, 2010

The Stealing Principle

I'd love to know if this is a universal sheep trait or just a practice the punks ascribe to around here. I first noticed this with baby Punkin 18 (holy cow!) years ago. I'd bought him a bale of really nice alfalfa hay. I kept a flake in front of him at all times. He barely ate it. However, each night when I got home from work and let him play around the barn with me, he'd immediately run to the very same bale and stuff it into his mouth as fast as he could. The very same hay.

Last night everyone was hollering at me. Everyone. I'm assuming they were yelling about my starving them to death (might have been something else, but I'm going with that as opposed to possibly my lack of intelligence, how big my butt is...). We have about 10 bales of some clean, but not super pretty, soft, or tasty grass hay that I'd love to get rid of before true "hay feeding season" starts. As no one truly appears to be starving around here, I decided I'd throw them a few flakes of that hay just to shut them up give them something to pick around on.

I used the little wagon to pull the bale outside, cut the strings and set out 6 flakes of hay around the barn lot. No one was at all interested, but as soon as I turned my back, they mobbed the wagon.

Don't let pitiful looking "I can't get to the food cart" Mia fool you. She's just studying the situation.

And that's her standing on top just seconds later.

Hank stayed out of the way. Far out of the way.

This morning the hay on the wagon is all gone. All 6 piles remain untouched.

These party pics are all SOOC (straight out of camera) by the way. I can't say enough about that cute little lens. It apparently won't work with my D40x - lacks a motor to drive it if I understand correctly - so in case you too decide you'd like to try one, make sure your camera can support it.


Jennie C said...

Awesome Pics Sara!!!! Gotta love it when they all think they are starving. :)

Michelle said...

Well, now you know how to get them to eat up that hay! But you might have to put at least one flake on the ground so they can continue thinking they are "snitching." If they think the wagon is a FEEDER, they'll shun it - right? ;-)

Susan said...

Thank goodness - I thought my sheep were the only ones who wanted whatever I did NOT put out. The pictures are really great! Those are beautiful sheep.

Tammy said...

I think it is universal Sheepese. Want what you can't have, enjoy what you shouldn't have, shun what you do have. Oh wait, that sounds pretty much like people too! ;-) You gotta love 'em (the sheep) but sometimes when they are screaming at me about starvation (with wads of hay dangling out their mouths) it's a little much. Thanks for the laugh.

Alice said...
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thecrazysheeplady said...

From Alice - who's having comment issues with blogger this morning. If anyone else is, please let me know. thecrazysheeplady at gmail dot com.

Mia may be little but she is mighty! You've captured this funny story with great pictures. Who knows how their little minds work? Maybe they like their hay "a la carte" ;-)

CathyD. said...

I don't know which I enjoyed more; the wonderful pics, the story behind them or Alice's comment. LOL. Thanks.

ewespin said...

That is so cute!.....and so true!


toastyyak said...

Also true for horses - at least mine! The best hay lives just outside your stall where you have to streeeeech your neck to reach it.

flowerweaver said...

Too funny, they think they are out smarting you!

Heather said...

Lol, I like Michelle's idea. I think sheep the world round must be that way. Mine are.

DayPhoto said...

Our cows act the same way...silly animals.



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