Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aging Gracefully

I was bringing T-Bone out of the middle paddock the other morning - the four horses had all been back in the run in shed. As we walked down to the gate heading for the front field and barn lots, I heard fast moving, thundering hoof beats coming up behind me. Miss Aria. I could almost hear her yelling "LET. ME. THE. HECK. OUT. OF. HERE!!!"

At 28, very arthritic, having some trouble breathing in the high heat and humidity, if she was making that much effort to get back to the front field (most likely away from the boys with whom she maintains a love-hate relationship) I figured she deserved to get out. I let her through the gate.

She happily claimed her very own stall at the barn - no boys allowed - and settled right in.

Over the last several days she's started hanging out with Esther. I think mostly because Esther gets extra cookies and hay, but I've noticed she's very, very careful around her, treating her much as she would a foal.

Hank takes good care of everyone. Whenever the sheep separate out into two groups - in this case Esther up on the hill and the rest out grazing - he sits in between where he can keep an eye on everybody.

Maybe a little closer to his little old ladies.


Heather said...

That's so cool. No one can understand an old girl like an old girl.

Susan said...

Isn't that amazing? I am always so humbled by the sensitivity of animals. Lovely pictures.

Tammy said...

Pretty much made me feel like crying to see the two old gals hanging out. You can tell Esther is not a bit worried about having such a huge friend fact she looks pretty happy about it. I love that last photo too---horse, sheep, dog and chickens all in one shot.

Jennie C said...

Awesome pics....nothing like watching the interactions of animals to make one feel at peace with the world.

Jody said...

How sweet :-) Animals always warm my heart.

CathyD. said...

AWWWWWW. The only addition who could have made that last picture more AWWWWW inspiring is Buddy.

Ed said...

A kindered spirit..:-)

Alice said...

The second photo certainly conveys a tenderness and understanding between Miss Aria and Esther. Precious capture that goes right to the heart, Sara.

DayPhoto said...

I am always very interested in the lives of animals. They is just up to us to listen and learn.

Thank you for this lovely post.



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