Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hardest Working Little Peach Tree

Is covered in blooms :-D. (I thought I had a "tag" for the Hardest Working Little Peach Tree, but apparently not (?). Something to do in my spare time...)

As are the plums (and dandelions).

And the Crazy Esther old quince.

If your view must be obliterated, it's not such a bad thing if it's by thousands of Redbud blooms. Here's also a sneak peak at the new garden Saint Tim's putting in for me.

And look - the Doone Valley Thyme made it through the winter.



DayPhoto said...

OH!!!! Wonderful! Perfectly Spring!

Sighs of great delight!


Alice said...

Beautiful blossoms captured! Do they have a scent? The peach blossoms look as though they should. I will bet your bees are happy!

Peacecat said...

I love to see the signs of Spring. We got snow here yesterday - but today it's gorgeous. I'll be glad when the sap starts to rise in our trees! Until then I'll enjoy your beautiful photos.

Lori Skoog said...

Spring sure has sprung in your neck of the woods! Are you back in your goove now? Thank you for your kind comments.

Shirley said...

It sure is beautiful at your place! We are starting to get blooms on some of the trees in town- the Magnolias and Forsythia. I love spring!

cyndy said...

Gorgeous photos!

Hooray for the Thyme!

Do you ever get fruit from your Quince?


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