Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Life With Saddle

...and fern.

I had taken the camera up to the barn this evening to catch a picture of Keebler with all his hair still on - oh you know it. I'm just not quite ready for him to be all grown up (gee, I don't know why he's needy and dependent ;-).

Anyway, I'd had my saddle out to clean it and was being lazy and hadn't put it away. I then brought the chicken's fern over to water it and had it sitting there draining. As I continued on about my evening chores, I noticed how neat the barn looked and decided to try to capture a picture. I love working with light - always a learning experience.

Was not as successful with the earlier natural light outside, but kind of liked this picture of Hank.

And this shot of Keebler's hair - which is marginal - is neat in that you can see the two mommas in the background grazing with their now grown babies. That's Emily and Caspar Belly (aka Spooky Tooth) on the left and Baby Belly and Clover Belly closer to center. Aren't they too cute?

I like when my camera reveals something I'm too distracted to notice on my own. Sometimes it's best to let it do the thinking.


Alice said...

That's an impressive photo of your barn so neat and orderly. It shows off the massive beam structure above.
I see Keebler all alone as you showed in your last blog. I wonder if he is out front so he can be closer to you. He will always be your baby.

Ed said...

The barn shot is fantastic! the others are very nice too, Keebs one hairy boy..:-)
wheres my honey???:-)

Peruby said...

That is so cool how the overhead lights in the barn are reflected on the floor. Do your cats ever climb up into those beams?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Um, HEL-lo, have you ever seen any pictures of the BARN cats doing anything besides sleeping on the porch at the HOUSE?!?

Nancy K. said...

I love the rich, golden glow of the barn/saddle shot!

Where's Graham?? Isn't he supposed to be Keeb's buddy?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

oh, I love that barn, wow.

Anonymous said...

I love the barn shot. The fern adds an interesting contrast. Love your barn, too! We like to call our sheep shed a barn, but it's really a shed :)

Dana and Daisy said...

your barn is a beauty!

DayPhoto said...

WHAT AN AMAZING BARN! And you did do the light just right!


DayPhoto said...

WHAT AN AMAZING BARN! And you did do the light just right!



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