Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday! me :-). No big party this year. Last year was fun, but whew!

So, just a little party - me, my cute little Wal-Mart (yes, I know...) pool, a good summer read.

What?!? Oh nooooooo....

Well, the raspberries won't let me down.

Nor the grapes. These are right by the pool, so when I get done with chores, I grab a cluster (or two), jump in the pool and float around feeling like a movie star...or something ;-).

And I'm traipsing around in the rain wearing my birthday boots. I've been wanting a pair of Blundstones, but as I only buy boots about once every 10 years, they've been in the queue awhile. I shouldn't have waited. They are wonderful!

What am I reading? Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann. It's actually a re-read - just as good the second time and was a birthday gift last year from one of the original crazy sheep ladies around here who said as soon as she read it, she thought of me and ran down to the local bookstore and bought an extra copy. Now that's a great friend!

What else do I have planned? A riding lesson this afternoon if the rain doesn't throw us off (still, better than getting thrown off a horse ;-). Saint Tim is home safe and we are going to go into Lexington to donate blood this afternoon and then have dinner on the patio (covered) at one of our favorite restaurants, Azur.

So, since it's my birthday and I can do whatever I want and I like to give presents more than receiving them, I'm going to do a Three Bags Full give away. Leave a comment on a favorite thing* you've given someone on your birthday and I'll have Saint Tim draw a winner tomorrow. If at all possible, I'll find a copy at a local bookstore, but if not and you win and can't wait to read it, we'll go the Amazon route.

Happy Birthday!

And don't forget to give blood. It's important and not really that bad.

*Gifts don't have to be "things". They can be kind words, smiles, held doors, phone calls, prayers... Come on - jump in :-).


L'Hélène said...

The favorite thing I've ever given someone was a mini scrapbooking album I made for my sister last Christmas. It was one of the very first things scrapbooking I ever made.

And speaking of books, I saw this at lunch today and thought of you:

Michelle said...

So is Azur one of those places us visiting vegetarians need to know about?

Oh dear, I would really like to read that book but can't think of anything I've given someone on MY birthday! I like to give gifts, but usually do that for them on THEIR birthday - or Christmas - or some random day just because....

Dana and Daisy said...

honestly, I am so selfish I cannot think of a thing I gave someone else on MY birthday! Do I get to be in the drawing for being completely forthcoming anyway?

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Love, Dana and Daisy

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I don't care if it is a WalMart kiddie pool, it looks very inviting. Once on my birthday, I gave a sweater to a friend. I told her just as soon as I saw it, I thought of her. :-)

flowerweaver said...

Yikes, I don't know why I always think your birthday is in September. I've got something handmade almost finished for you. I'm just going to pretend you were born on Labor Day, OK?

I've given quite a few home cooked meals away on my birthday, since it falls on Thanksgiving every 4-7 years.

And Dana is being ridiculous saying she is selfish, as she is always giving things away! I secretly hope Saint Tim draws her name!!

DayPhoto said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear Friend! And enjoy yourself very much! Losing blood, dinner in the weather, who could ask for more?

I wish I could say I have given gifts away on my birthday, but I never have. I've given lots of presents away on days that require presents and for those days, it just seems a present is necessary.

You have lots of fun, now, you hear!


kristi said...

Well, a Happy Birthday to You! I think as one gets "older" celebrating birthdays becomes more creative LOL. I will have to check out those boots, though I am a dieheart Birkenstock gal:)

Dianne MacDonald said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you are wearing your tiara today. You can't be the Birthday Queen if you don't wear your tiara!

Christine said...

Well that sounds like a must-read if I ever heard one.

Hmmm, something I've given someone else on my birthday...I'm sure there's been lots since for me my birthday is usually just another day. Nothing jumps out at me in my mind though. So I would have to say I given my time and attention to whomever needed it that day. As I always do.

Oh yeah, love the boots.

lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

Nancy K. said...

I gave BLOOD on my birthday! I was so proud because they gave me a button that says: "I saved a life today". VERY cool. Now I give every 3 months when the blood mobile comes to my place of employment. It always makes me feel so good.

I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!

~Tonia~ said...

Happy Birthday to You!!!! Hope the rain didn't hinder your plans.

Well since my birthday is in the winter. The last "gift" I gave was sled rides with James on my lap laughing all the way down the hill at my in-laws. Can't buy memories like that. :)

Can you believe that Isaac will be a month old tomorrow? Where does the time go?

Alice said...

You are the most stylin' est shepherdess ever in those new boots. Enjoy them in good health and I hope these last you another 10 years!
hope your birthday was happy, really happy.

Rayna said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Ed said...

Happy B-DAY!!!! and thank you for the honey, I hope mom leaves me some to try..:-)

June said...

Happy Birthday! Love your new boots, and the pool does look inviting. I've read "Three Bags Full" & it is on my list to re-read soon. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (though I'm a day late!) we share August birthdays... mine was the 15th. I did order my husband a book for his birthday and it arrived on mine this year! :) I love to give gifts too, it definitely warms the heart.

Hope you had a great one!

WildBlack said...

Happy birthday to you,(.. background music is there..) happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to dear Sara, Happy birthday to you! :D
I know you're too old, but let me wish you plenty of joy every 364 days after your birthday! :D :D

gtyyup said...

A very belated birthday wish for you. It sounded like your day was great!

The raspberries and grapes look scrumptious!


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