Friday, August 14, 2009

But I Don't Wanna Go To School

Why not, baby?

"None of the other kids like me. The only one who likes me is a dog."

Now, now. What about Graham?

"He joined the speech and debate club and now he won't even talk to me."

Well, I can certainly see him doing that. Joining the club that is, but I bet he still talks to you.

"No. No one talks to me. And the teacher is mean, too."

Hmm, well I heard you were getting a new fan today and I think the lunch lady might give you an extra cookie if you ask her.


Poor Keebs. He still can't believe he has to live out in a barn with a bunch of sheep. He and Graham Lamb both come in and eat breakfast in the hay stall and outgoing Graham marches right back out into the crowd when he's finished. Keebs still needs a little extra time in the barn with momma.

He could have all the time he wanted...but he gets into way too much trouble. Sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

I totally relate to not wanting to accept who I am. It turns out to be ok when I finally accept myself, but the battle is ferocious. ; )
Good luck, Keebs. You have the best place ever to be a sheep.


Anonymous said...

So funny! When Beavis The Butthead had to move from our kitchen to the flock, he was the same way.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

LOL! Maybe he doesn't now he's a sheep?

Christine said...

Awe that's just too cute. Poor Keebs.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

poor Keebie, looks so lonesome

Nancy K. said...


I think I want to be one of your sheep!

kristi said...

I am a teacher and I do not want to go back to school either:) Extremely cute post!! And yes, Robin's place is a "bad" place to go. She sure is a wealth of information though! How can one not love the locks of a Cotswold?

Dana and Daisy said...

Well, maybe he misses his down comforter and his MTV? lol!

cutest little guys ever!

Ed said...

Too funny!!! Ya gotta love the Keebster..:-)))))

flowerweaver said...

That face! Ya know, he'd probably be living in my house with his own bedroom with a face like that!

Carolina Trekker said...

This is sweet. I love little Keebs. Not everyone has their own Asparagus Patch Keebs,,cheer up!

DayPhoto said...

Boy, did you catch the 'I'm not ever going to school again' face with that photo!

Just way too cute!



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