Friday, March 6, 2009


Eli doesn't get too much press around here. He's likes it that way I believe.

I snapped this picture last night because I liked the light behind him. As frequently happens though I ended up seeing something I hadn't really noticed. A hint of green grass!

Eli is Saint Tim's cat. Eli likes to eat, sleep, hang out at the creek and fish. And not necessarily in that order. He also likes to be carried back from the barn at night when the chores are done. He's a bit shy and doesn't ask for this special treatment, but if Saint Tim calls to him and asks him if he'd like a ride, he happily comes running.

We aim to please around here ;-).


DayPhoto said...

He is beautiful! How many kitties do you have?

We are going through a mouse infestation, ugh! What do you do..I refuse to poison them, there are just too many for the two cats we have.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How funny! We both featured our "seldom seen" cat-beasts in our posts today!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

And Linda, I just have to say the obvious answer is (and hope you requested follow-up comments) - get more cats!!!

Peruby said...

Eli's comin'....

Was he named after the Three Dog Night song?

DayPhoto said...

The problem with more cats is Sammy-Sam, he just won't let any of the strays come onto the place. And neither will the Dude dog.

But I try, I lure them over to the chicken pen with canned cat food (yum) and I can get them close enough I can talk to them and them to me, then after awhile they are gone, the cat food sits full for days, drying up. So I feed the cat food to the chickens and wait for another cat.



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