Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cookie Monster

I am constantly asked for updates on Sunshine, more pictures of Sunshine, videos of Sunshine... She's definitely brightened all of our lives.

Sunshine is doing just fine. She did not outgrow her physical issues as we'd hoped, but she sure hasn't let them slow her down. So why doesn't Sunshine make the blog very often? Because unless you sneak up on her, she won't let you take her picture.

Sunshine is out in front of the group and I'm hiding behind the trees.

Well, I shouldn't say that. She's more than happy to have her picture taken. You just can't get her to stand or sit still long enough to do so. Why? Because she's a cookie monster! As soon as she see me, these are the pictures I get.

And what does she do when she gets to me? (I'm only posting this because I want to try out the blogger video upload...and it's Sunshine. Please turn your sound down because I'm talking to her in my Sunshine voice and sound like a complete dork and with the camera that close to my face, I sound like a loud complete dork.)

So why is she so addicted to vanilla wafers? When we realized we were probably going to have to wash her cute little behind for the rest of her life, we wanted to make sure she would be easy to catch. The Jacobs don't tend to be as chummy as say Woolliam, Buddy or the other long wool breeds. They do tend to have a pretty good sweet tooth though ;-). However, with as many cookies as Sunshine would eat if we let her, she'd soon not have a tooth in her mouth.

Just for goodness sake, DON'T RUN OUT! Even if it's in the middle of an ice storm and you. can't. get. your. car. out. of. the. driveway.


Peacecat said...

I love it! Can I come over and have a cookie, too? (I am in the middle of a fast - so cookies sound REALLY GOOD right now).

Dianne said...

I have the same problem with Teeny! I can NEVER sneak up on her and when she sees me, she's right up in the camera as fast as she can run.

Alice said...

I can't believe how big she has grown over the winter months! Her coat has so many beautiful colors! How longmust you wait before you shear her?

~Tonia~ said...

C -is for Cookie. ;)

James is a camera hog. I get out the camera and he comes running wanting his picture taken. He is so shy. LMAO

DayPhoto said...

You have some of the pretties sheep. I have never since a pinto colored sheep. Will the wool be hard to work with and to color?



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