Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Egg Sighting

So I go out to collect eggs the other day - the ones I can find that is (crazy adventure chickens - grumble grumble... ) - and I found an egg the size of a duck egg! This morning I found a teeny tiny one. I'll let Stella display them for you, because when you find something like that, you've got to call your neighbor.

And here they are with a "normal" sized blue egg for perspective and one of the fat Welsommer eggs, just because I love their color.

We cracked them open and here's what we got.

My first double yolker! And look at the tiny egg. Isn't it just the cutest? I scrambled them up and they made a fabulous egg sandwich for my lunch.

I'm headed out to play with one of the green broke "ponies". It's gorgeous here - blue skies and sunshine. I smelled dirt last night, so spring has got to be close at hand. I just hope I'm not getting ready to smell dirt up close ;-).

Enjoy your day!


Dana and Daisy said...

I am such a city girl. You mean you ate those?

flowerweaver said...

We had a big one like that but it had one big yolk:

It was about the time Teddy Bird became paralyzed, so we are thinking she laid it. She's able to shuffle around now. Tonight she's officially out of the guest sink and into her handicapped accessible chicken apartment!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Love the eggs! So do you think the big one was really a duck egg, or just a double-yoke chicken egg? The teeny one is adorable, inside and out!

If you liked that sheep pin I made, you should venture a guess in my lambing contest. I'm thinking one of the prize options will be a trio of sheep pins, with three different colors of sheep.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Both eggs were from our chickens and not an actual duck egg - just the size of a duck egg. And yes, we eat them :-).

Claire said...

Variety is the spice of eggs, I mean life! I just love the different eggs that I get from my girls. I never had a teeny one like that though! How cute!

L'Hélène said...

Well! That must've been painful to lay! :-D

DayPhoto said...

Isn't it amazing the sizes of eggs from the same flock of hens. Although, my are all Rhode Island Reds randomly I'll get a doubl yoke. Of what a joy. My southern grandmother always said to find an egg with a double yoke, ment two days of good luck. Who knows, if you believe in luck, then two days worth seems rather neat!


Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I love the smell of dirt too. We had rain all day today and even thunder! I love egg shells, they're so beautiful. I have quite a collection of them from many different kinds of domesticated birds.

Lady Katherine said...

Just loved the egg post! Today we found an egg that is round and size of a quarter! First time for me! lol

Kathleen said...

While I'm recovering from hemorrhoid surgery, just let me express my complete sympathy with the gal who laid that duck-sized egg.


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