Monday, January 19, 2009

A Long Winter's Nap

If they weren't out by the road where my neighbors would think I was either hurt or completely daft, I'd be tempted to go out there and lie down with my head resting on Handy's (purple blanket) neck and soak up some sun too.

Aria (on the right) is still steaming mad about the whole blanket issue, so I'm staying out of her way for now.


Tammy said...

Love these pictures! Isn't it funny how mad the critters can get about things? One of my Shetland's, Rain, is not up to par (reason still unclear) so I penned her up for the weekend. Whew. Talk about dark looks and sheepie mutterings!
Take care and thanks for the neat horse pictures.

DayPhoto said...

I liked this. Laying in the sun is nice, real nice. Have to wear a coat.... @#$%* priceless!


Nancy K. said...

I think lying outside, with the sun baking down on me is the most soothing feeling...

Claire MW said...

How funny! I didn't know horses would lay down like that. I'm very horse-ignorant I'm afraid! If I saw a horse doing that, I'd be all worried about it! Glad I learned something new today!

Dalyn said...

Love those photos! My 5 horses have been wishing for long naps in the sun! We haven't seen it for a week!


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