Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frost On The P...


When the weather gets super cold, or cold and icy, we put snugly warm turn out blankets on our horses, especially if they are old or in some other way compromised. Except Aria. I've decided this year that even though, at 26, she is not only the oldest horse and also the most arthritic, she's on her own.

Don't feel sorry for her though. She's thrilled. While most horses like some extra comfort when it's nasty out, she. does. not. For the last couple of years, it's been such a battle to get her covered up that as soon as she sees me coming with her well fitting, no problems that we can find blanket, her ears pin back so tight to her head that she truly looks like (and might bite you like one if you aren't careful!) a snake.

So, I'm going to trust her on this one and unless I see her shivering, she can run around naked all winter. And if I need any scientific back up, I just have to remind myself that she was the only horse with frost sitting on her back Thanksgiving morning. The only other animals that insulate themselves that well around here are the sheep.


Dana and Daisy said...

oh bless her heart! Do you put her in the stable at night? I hope she has a warm bed of straw.

My grandpa was always getting bitten or kicked by one of his horses. They can be down right contrary I know!

DayPhoto said...

To live your life as you wish! To do as you want...that is how I want to spend my last days...doing whatever I want to do.

Good for you, and good for the horsey!


Tammy said...

Good for your old independent mare! Makes it tough on the people that care for them (as in worrying), but it's nice to see spunk in the old ones. My old mare made it to 27 (fat and sassy almost to the end) and she loathed going in the barn even, and would stand out in the snow, with inches piled up on her back! Sometimes when it rained she would go in, but she just loved being out in it. She never saw a blanket (except saddle) in her life.


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