Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freeze Dried

Well, that's what it would be if I used my normal drying rack. As it is though, I am quite happy with the new fancy inside drying rack and I didn't even need to use any duct tape or bailing twine to rig it up! (On a farm, if it can't be fixed with baling twine or duct tape... ;-)

The gray yarn in the center was spun from some of Billy Belly's (Jacob) core roving. Core roving is where they take two separate colored rovings - in BB's case, gray and white - and run them together so that one color wraps around the other. His was a gray core with white on the outside. Spun, it looks like tweed. Very pretty.

The fawn colored yarn on the right and the white yarn on the left is some very nice Shetland that I got from Michelle at Boulderneigh in a fiber swap. I spun most of it as a worsted weight yarn, but the sparkling white had such a neat fuzziness that it inspired me to play around and I spun some thick and thin and then plied that with a super thin strand. It is so fun to try different fibers and different techniques and I always learn something new. Thanks Michelle!

Well, it's cold here, but we're all doing okay. Saint Tim built another insulated cat box so everyone has their own private warm place to sleep. The horses are all blanketed up (even Aria - I had the best of intentions to honor her wish to not wear a blanket ever again, but she's just too old to be out in below zero weather nekkid if she doesn't have to be) and the sheep told me if I fed them extra hay that they'd be okay too. Weaslie is currently cashed out in the hallway and Iris comes in to warm up, but then wants back out so she doesn't miss anything.

Stay warm and thank goodness for Carhartt!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, you're fast! (Or have a lot more time to spin than I do. :-) I love what you did with Dinah, and want to see a close-up of Val's yarn, too.

(And if anyone's interested, there's more of Dinah's and Val's roving left for sale....)

DayPhoto said...

I so enjoy watching and learning about your yarn and what you do with it. My mother always wanted to learn to spin, but she never seemed to get to. Therefore, because of her, I am very interested.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! Amen to Carhartt!!!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

Wow! Do you use all your yarn or do you sell it?

Lady Katherine said...

Love seeing all your handspun yarn! It was so great! I have always wanted a Jacob! I will have to go visit your friend, love the fiber you got from her. They say its really soft.

flowerweaver said...

St. Tim has been very busy this winter! The yarn is beautiful, as always. I'm glad you are making the best of the cold.


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