Friday, July 4, 2008

See What I Have To Live With?

I'm not going to bother with a time line. Just suffice to say that this lasted ALL DAY. No, we do not have a hundred cats. These are all the same cats. They just staggered into new places and positions ALL DAY.

That would be Comby, the new cat, sleeping on his back. I told you he'd settled right in. Good grief.

I, at least, finally caught up on some spinning. Two of the small black sample skeins (that you can't really see, I know) are a blend of Boudreaux and Buddy's lamb fleeces. I knit a swatch last night for the sweater I want to make and it was beautiful and measured dead on. I'm so excited!


Joy said...

Those are some *really* comfy cats, and I love the skeins!

Shelley said...

I guess that's why I relate to cats..... :-)


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